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Why use a professional service for news release distribution

Thu Sep 11 09:26:00 2014

"The main advantage of using a third-party service is the access to the extensive database of media contacts (journalists, editors, reporters)"

Press release, new release, press statement, and media release is official news of a company written for the purpose of sharing it with the public.

Before the Internet came into global usage, press releases for decades were spread via traditional mail. A new era in news release distribution started with the introduction of facsimile. However, it was not before the early nineties when email slowly began to be used as the medium for sharing companies' news.

Today, regardless of company size and its activities scope, press releases create a great impact on company's brand awareness and reputation.

How a professional service can help me in press release distribution?

The main advantage of using a third-party service is the access to the extensive database of media contacts (journalists, editors, reporters). This database is the main asset of the service. In fact, it takes a considerable amount of time and company's efforts to build this kind of database. This job saves time of a client using the service.

Beside the ready made database the client also receives the access to a program interface that is used as a mailing tool. It is the responsibility of a service vendor to guarantee the delivery of your news release in original format and also to take all risks associated with mass mailing. In other words, the sending is conducted via vendors servers. Thus, using a third-party service, company protects its own servers from possible blacklisting.

Normally professional services for news release distribution also provides the possibility for results tracking. This analytical data helps to identify media representatives / publishing companies that are interested in your material.

What determines the quality of a news release distribution service

  • Volume of database and frequency of its update

It is really that simple: the more relevant contacts the database contains, the more chances your material has for being published. The other side of the medal: the bigger is the database, the more efforts is takes to update it. Nobody needs thousands of ”dead souls” and irrelevant addresses. It makes the quality of the database to be the most important criterion in accessing the effectiveness of a service.

  • Automated segmentation

Segmentation is vital for targeting right audience. Therefore, segmentation should correspond to the type of company's business and topic of a press release. Segmentation criteria might be as following: content subject, geo location, types of media, position of media representative, etc. It is the user interface of the program that determines whether the segmentation tool is easy to use or not and how much time it saves for its user.

  • Program functionality 

Transparency of the results tracking is one of the most important technical characteristics of a news release distribution service. After sending a press release you can track how many people and who exactly has read your press release and how many of those followed the provided links.

Besides offering detailed statistics the service should also insure high delivery rate at any size of attachments. Choosing on a service provider make sure that the program allows enclosing accompanying documents, images, and videos as attachments and clarify what the maximum size of one message could be.

If you already have your own list of media contacts or plan to grow it in the future, insure that your chosen service allows to upload an unlimited amount of contact lists in Excel format that could serve as a substantial addition to the vendor's database.

Following the legitimate practice press release distribution service should also offer a convenient option to unsubscribe from the list, if delivered material is no longer interesting for a recipient.

  • Additional distribution channels

In addition to sending news releases to email lists of media representatives, service provider might offer some other distribution channels as social network, RSS distribution, and web publication.

  • Service development and updates delivery

Would you believe in high quality of a service that has not received any further development after being launched to the market? I guess no, since competitive edge and market needs are ever changing. In the case, when a solution is supplied based on SaaS delivery model, updates can be run at the same time for all accounts and do not require any action from the user side.

LianaPress » is an advanced tool for press release distribution. It is continuously in the process of growing and updating its media contacts database ensuring thus a high quality of the service.

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