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[新聞稿] Uptop Bistro and Bar 推出春季「五色養生菜單」晚餐及「櫻の花見」主題下午茶 Welcome Spring With Uptop Bistro and Bar’s 5 Colours Healthy Set Dinner & Spring Sakura

Media release. Published: 27.02.2017 16:00 - Popway Hotel

 致各傳媒好友: Uptop Bistro and Bar 推出春季「五色養生菜單」晚餐及「櫻の花見」主題下午茶 (香港,2017 年 2 月 27 日)- 古語有云:一年之計在於春。於萬象更新的春天,除了可為新一年作計劃外,也是我們淨化調養身體的最佳季節。今個春天,Uptop Bistro 將於 3 月 1 日起推出「五色養生菜單」晚餐(每位 $388,另加一服務費),以有益食材及繽紛色彩為身體打打氣。此外,餐廳亦趁着這個櫻花盛開的季節呈獻「櫻の花見」主題下午茶,讓你細味一系列櫻花甜品及和風小食,與你相約於春日花見。 「五色養生菜單」晚餐: 菜單由餐廳主廚 Robin 特別設計,以西式手法呈現出這個中西合璧的晚餐,全因 Robin...

Liana Technologies連續第二年被列入“歐洲增長最快的私營公司排行榜”

Media release. Published: 27.02.2017 07:00 - Liana Technologies

數碼營銷與通訊公司Liana Technologies Ltd在Inc.5000 Europe(歐洲5000強)2017年排行榜中連續第二年獲稱“歐洲增長最快的私營公司之一”。 Inc.5000 Europe(歐洲5000強)每年都會將歐洲增長最快的私營公司進行排名。此排名是基於各公司在過去三年中的營業額增長指數。在過去三次的Inc.5000 Europe(歐洲5000強)排名中,Liana Technologies已經出現了兩次。 Liana Technologies由其現有股東成立於2005年。公司發展迅速,主要面向國際市場。除了歐洲,Liana Technologies目前在亞洲和中東也均設有銷售辦事處。 公司擁有超過3500家企業客戶,包括許多國際知名品牌,如Avis,Bosch,Hertz,Ikea和Mazda等。 Liana...

全新 Secto Design Petite 燈飾系列

Media release. Published: 24.02.2017 17:55 - Manks

近年,樓市是熱門話題.市民有樓萬事足,住的單位面積也越來越少. 芬蘭 Secto Design 燈具廠, 自1995年成立以來,由樺木手 製的首個 Secto 系列,至大圆形透光燈的代表作 Octo4240, 深受客户歡迎. 北歐雖然面積廣闊,也同樣地面對住宅空間越來越细的事實,有見及此, 去年 Secto Design 推出全新 Petite 系列.  顧名思義, Petite 系列是 Secto Design 設計的小型燈飾系列. 樺木燈罩直徑只有20厘米.全部芬蘭人手製造.Petite系列包括吊燈,掛牆燈及枱燈, 可以配合不同情况使用,也令到住所空間更加一致.  此外, Petite 系列已配備了全新可調較光度的LED燈泡,燈光柔和,環保耐用. Petite 系列已經由北歐家品權威Manks獨家引入, 連同 Secto Design其它受歡迎系列, 包括 Secto,...

全新 Secto Design Petite 燈飾系列

Media release. Published: 24.02.2017 17:08 - Manks

近年,樓市是熱門話題.市民有樓萬事足,住的單位面積也越來越少. 芬蘭 Secto Design 燈具廠, 自1995年成立以來,由樺木手 製的首個 Secto 系列,至大圆形透光燈的代表作 Octo4240, 深受客户歡迎. 北歐雖然面積廣闊,也同樣地面對住宅空間越來越细的事實,有見及此, 去年Secto Design 推出全新 Petite 系列.  顧名思義, Petite 系列是 Secto Design設計的小型燈飾系列. 樺木燈罩直徑只有20厘米.全部芬蘭人手製造.Petite系列包括吊燈,掛牆燈及枱燈, 可以配合不同情况使用,也令到住所空間更加一致.  此外, Petite系列已配備了全新可調較光度的LED燈泡,燈光柔和,環保耐用. Petite系列已經由北歐家品權威Manks獨家引入, 連同 Secto Design其它受歡迎系列, 包括 Secto, Octo,...

佔盡市場先機,Liana Technologies隆重推出先進的新聞發佈服務LianaPress

Media release. Published: 21.02.2017 07:00 - Liana Technologies

擁有領先技術的數字營銷與通訊公司Liana Technologies Ltd開發了一款高透明度的,用戶驅動的專業新聞發布服務-LianaPress。 該服務提供了易於接駁大型媒體數據庫的渠道,使用戶不用通過任何中間人或過濾器而自主控制發佈過程。 LianaPress服務大大簡化了向印刷媒體與在線媒體的新聞發佈過程。該工具易於使用,並使向用戶可以自由管理分發與發佈。用戶可自行在數據庫中選擇收件人或自定義通訊組列表。 LianaPress服務系統允許用戶自行決定發佈內容的時間,從而使新聞發佈的過程與定向快速而精準。 LianaPress通過提供搜索引擎優化(SEO)功能來滿足當今在線交流的需求。系統還會自動收集有關於發佈的重要數據,同時構建統計信息。這使得用戶能夠跟踪已接收,已打開或已閱讀的新聞稿數量,並分析通訊的有效性。 Liana Technologies...

ToeSox - Spring/Summer 2017 Launch

Media release. Published: 17.02.2017 12:36 - Iso Fit

  Make your transition from studio to street a flawless one. With new colors inspired by floras, mosaics and art deco shapes in the Spring/Summer 2017 Collection, ToeSox has the gear you never knew you needed for your workouts! Iso Fit is stocking all of the latest styles and colors from ToeSox and Tavi Noir!   For Barre, Pilates and Yoga, try the grip collection. No more slipping and sliding...

新晉網上葡萄酒商 Bottle Shock越洋登陸香港

Media release. Published: 16.02.2017 09:00 - Bottle Shock

網上購物已成港人生活一部份,現時坊間的葡萄酒電商的酒類多以固有大品牌為主,因此新晉 網上葡萄酒商 Bottle Shock登陸香港,冀望帶來一些與市場與別不同的新酒款。 Bottle Shock於2016年在香港開展葡萄酒批發業務。而剛在去年獲選為HK Tatler年度20大餐 廳之一的Rhoda,其酒牌內的各樣出色酒品主要供應商便是Bottle Shock。 Bottle Shock創辦人Adam Green 認為,一個葡萄酒網上購物平台,從購物體驗以至酒品選擇 ,都應該是活潑而平易近人的。「世界上有許多小規模酒莊,他們大多是家族式世代經營著那 塊小小葡萄園,一心一意就是為了釀造出美味而可口的葡萄酒。這些尤如工匠般以莫大決心打 造出來的酒,沒有龐大的市場推廣成本,反之更是價錢相宜,平均$100已可以買得到,$300 以上的更堪稱高質素」。 ... brings Hong Kong drinkers a new online wine buying experience.

Media release. Published: 16.02.2017 09:00 - Bottle Shock

There is a new online wine merchant in town! Bottle Shock has launched a new wine web store to enable wine lovers to receive their range of artisanal wines, previously only available at some of the top restaurants in Hong Kong, straight to their doorstep. Since commencing business in 2016, Bottle Shock has focussed on supplying some of Hong Kong’s top restaurants including...

The Apple You are Eating Is Probably 6 Months Old-- HK Startup Helps You Buy Better Food

Media release. Published: 16.02.2017 09:00 - Jou Sun 早晨

The Apple You are Eating Is Probably 6 Months Old HK Startup Helps You Buy Better Food (For immediate release) Hong Kong, 16th Feb, 2017 -- If you are like most time-starved urbanites, you probably buy most of your groceries at supermarkets. However, big-box retailers are notoriously bad at offering product information, such as supermarket apples are frequently picked 6 months ago and imported...

“Birthday country” Finland opens views on how to develop society through innovations

Media release. Published: 13.02.2017 14:53 - Consulate General of Finland

“Birthday country” Finland opens views on how to develop society through innovations   Modern societies need to reinvent themselves to tackle the challenges of the future. This applies to Finland as well as to Hong Kong. A lecture series highlights the strengths of the 100-year-Finland with a view to develop innovative cooperation with Hong Kong.   A hundred years ago Finland was a poor...

Oulu-based company takes Polar Bear Pitching competition seriously - hired a world champion in winter swimming

Media release. Published: 10.02.2017 17:31 - Polar Bear Pitching

This year Polar Bear Pitching competition is searching even bigger visibility around the world. So is also Oulu-based company QuietOn who is putting lots of effort on global visibility. The company who invented active noise canceling earplugs has now decided to take part in home town’s own show Polar Bear Pitching, and its "Dark Bear” semifinals. QuietOn is making it properly: They have hired a...

The first finalists of Polar Bear Pitching 2017 are here!

Media release. Published: 07.02.2017 20:02 - Polar Bear Pitching

The first patch of finalists of the annual Finnish ice hole pitching competition Polar Bear Pitching have been announced. The competition is held in Oulu, Northern Finland on 14-15th of February, 2017, and it gathers hundreds of participants from all around the world to witness this arctic experience. This year we received startup applications from 16 countries. The pre-chosen finalists are...

Is Salmon still healthy?

Media release. Published: 02.02.2017 17:03 - Eatology Asia

  Salmon has long been touted for its health benefits, but what many people don't realize is that not all salmon is the same. These days, it's important to be careful about what you eat, which means doing some research to find out about the origins of your food. For instance, was the salmon in your grocery store caught in the wild or bred on a fish farm? This might seem like a semantic...

eicó paints to support HKWalls 2017 street art festival

Media release. Published: 23.01.2017 14:00 - eico

Hong Kong, 23 January 2017 …. For the third year running eicó paints is proud to be supporting Hong Kong’s annual street art and graffiti festival, HKWalls. This March, HKWalls is taking place in Wong Chuk Hang - right on eicó’s doorstep. The festival will showcase the very best of Hong Kong’s vibrant street art scene.   eicó paint is perfect for street art: it’s non-toxic, very durable and...


Media release. Published: 13.01.2017 19:17 - Manks

港鐵南港島線上的北歐家品專門店 最近, 身邊的家人, 朋友及同事的共同話題, 總離不開剛剛通車的港鐵南港島線. 大家談論這區有什麼特式食肆及好去處. 傳媒也廣泛介紹過很多很有風格的餐廳. 其實, 南港島線上也有很多值得去逛的店铺, 有些更是只此一家. 筆者認為距離黄竹坑站B出口, 步行兩分鐘就到達的Manks北歐家品專門店, 是對傢俬, 燈飾及家品愛好者必到的地方. Manks專門售賣北歐傢俬, 燈飾, 家品及古董. 去年剛慶祝成立20周年, 在業界有很高知名度. 近年, 家居設計着重简约及實用性, 使北歐傢具大行其道. Manks在香港是北歐家品的權威. 是北歐四國頂尖設計的總滙. 代理北歐名牌家俱,燈飾 及家品,超過二十個高級品牌, 產品超過一萬款. 由於產品種類繁多, Manks七年前從中環的小舊屋1000呎店搬到黃竹坑進注5000呎工厦大展廳....

Edge Online Ltd. Launches Asia’s First Adaptive ACT Test Prep Platform

Media release. Published: 13.01.2017 11:24 - The Edge Prep.

Hong Kong: Today, Edge Online Ltd., an offshoot of Hong Kong’s most popular American Test Prep Company, announced the launch of its new Adaptive Online ACT Learning Platform. After 9 years mastering the local U.S. Test Prep domain in Hong Kong, The Edge® Learning Centers founder Duc Luu has moved into the online realm with this exciting new venture. This groundbreaking new platform is the first...

Sitting is the new Smoking - Don’t let Posture Affect your Work in 2017!

Article. Published: 06.01.2017 10:00 - Iso Fit

Crunched up over your desk, feeling the strain from your slouch? It sounds strange but sitting at your desk all day can be harmful to your health - sitting is the new smoking! Office ergonomics is a hot topic as more and more people suffer from lower back pain, strained and tight muscles. Not only that, but the negative effects of sitting include increased blood pressure, decreased cognition and...

Kickstart a Healthy 2017 with Eatology

Media release. Published: 28.12.2016 10:00 - Eatology Asia

  Bounce back from the year end’s festive indulgence with a carefully curated meal plan by Eatology. Offering up calorie controlled meal deliveries that are both nutritious and filling, Eatology is a sure-fire way to get back on track after the holidays.   Get into the swing of the new year... And that pair of skinny jeans, by opting for up to three meals and two snacks delivered directly to...

火焰醉鵝煲熱潮湧到港 龍蝦大王推出火焰醉鵝鍋配活龍蝦海鮮拼盤 冬天必食之選

Media release. Published: 22.12.2016 09:30 - BBQ Lobster 龍蝦大王

火焰醉鵝煲熱潮湧到港 龍蝦大王推出火焰醉鵝鍋配活龍蝦海鮮拼盤 冬天必食之選 香港訊 – 即時發佈] 火鍋、雞煲一向深受香港人喜愛,最近佐敦新店龍蝦大王引入火焰醉鵝煲,為愛吃的港人增添新選擇。火焰醉鵝煲在外地已瘋行了一段時間,將來必定在香港掀起熱潮。龍蝦大王率先推出$238抵食套餐推廣價,讓港人及早一嚐高質火焰醉鵝煲,肉質嫩滑,不肥不膩。除了鵝煲外,套餐亦提供鮮准山龍躉鍋、海蝦鮮雞鍋等其他特色鍋,同時更包括活龍蝦及六至八款時令海鮮拼盤,材料新鮮上盛,絕非一般平價貨,食客吃過後回味無窮!性價比極高,絕對是冬天的必食之選。 外地鵝煲熱潮到港暖胃補氣營養高 ...

穿耳體驗新標準 New Standard For Ear Piercing Experience

Media release. Published: 20.12.2016 17:20 - MaBelle

MaBelle 不是賣潮流鑽石的嗎?為什麼已經有超過7萬人到MaBelle穿耳? 坊間的穿耳服務有平有貴,但服務的專業、安全、衛生程度遠比價錢重要。顧客選擇衛生和安全程度高的店舖穿耳,消毒程序和器具不夠潔淨的話,會容易令耳孔發炎之餘,亦有可能感染乙型肝炎等細菌。如顧客護理不當,有機會導致敏感、發炎、腫脹或生肉粒等情況。  有見及此,MaBelle 自2012年起,推出「專業穿耳新體驗」,受到眾多時尚愛美人士的喜愛。時至今日,香港及國內已有超過70家MaBelle店鋪提供專業服務。MaBelle的穿耳服務由經過專業訓練的穿耳顧問負責, 每位合資格的穿耳顧問均接受嚴格的培訓,領有專業證書,更榮獲ISO9001國際質量認可標準,穿耳使用的耳環均以醫學等級的手術鋼及鈦為物料,鈦金屬更是符合歐盟(European Union, EU)...

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