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MaBelle Leo Diamond閃爍贊助 【Touch Mi 2鄭秀文世界巡迴演唱會2016】

Media release. Published: 14.07.2016 13:43 - MaBelle

參加「拆解Mi碼」估歌名遊戲,有機會獲得 【Touch Mi 2鄭秀文世界巡迴演唱會2016】門票   2014年,MaBelle Leo Diamond閃爍贊助鄭秀文演唱會,今年再次全力支持【Touch Mi 2鄭秀文世界巡迴演唱會2016】! 是次8場演出,場場爆滿,開賣日更是秒殺一票難求。為答謝顧客多年支持,凡於MaBelle購物淨額滿$20,000,即可獲贈演唱會指定價值門票2張,與摯愛一起欣賞鄭秀文悅耳歌聲。  MaBelle「拆解Mi碼」估歌名遊戲,有機會獲演唱會門票!立即行動! 自命鄭秀文粉絲的您,是否對Sammi的歌曲都耳熟能詳呢? 有沒有信心挑戰「拆解Mi碼」估歌名遊戲? 立即下載fanShare手機應用程式參加遊戲,每日成功拆解所有問題而又最有創意的參加者,有機會獲得由MaBelle Leo Diamond 閃爍贊助【Touch Mi...

優利多真誠貢獻100%纯天然營養珍品 奧健諾-山竹女王全純山竹汁防御癌症的好幫手

Media release. Published: 31.05.2016 16:30 - Ulido

新聞稿  優利多真誠貢獻100%纯天然營養珍品  奧健諾-山竹女王全純山竹汁防御癌症的好幫手 山竹是甚麼?  原產於泰國等東南亞熱帶國家,深紫色的果殻內藏有獨特的多汁柔軟酸甜白色果肉。 皇家級的口感和豐富營養價值,被封為“果中之后”及“水果女王”  山竹的益處  一般人知道維他命C同E等抗氧化作用,但是極少人知道的是山竹含有超強抗氧化功能成份,可以有效地協助調整體質及生理機能。山竹的紫紅色厚硬果殻中,除有豐富的花青素等營養,近年科學更發現獨特的營養素 “Xanthones”,俗 稱...

100% All Natural Healthy Benefit O-Greenic – Xanative Mangosteen Juice A Cancer Fighting Drink by Ulido

Media release. Published: 31.05.2016 16:00 - Ulido

100% All Natural Healthy Benefit O-Greenic – Xanative Mangosteen Juice A Cancer Fighting Drink by Ulido   What is Mangosteen? Mangosteen is originated in Thailand and several Southeast Asian countries. It features a dark purple rind and an inner white edible flesh that is sweet, juicy and refreshing. With great unique tasting flavor and the wholesome goodness of vitamins and other nutrients...

“Limits don’t exist” - sneak-peek into new innovation laboratory

Media release. Published: 24.05.2016 12:33 - Cosmosupplylab PR

HONG KONG, 24th May 2016 — Cosmosupplylab will give an exclusive glimpse into its new state-of-the-art prototype laboratory and design center during the RISE start-up conference, on the 31st of May.  Cosmosupplylab just finalized a state-of-the-art prototype lab and design center in the industrial quarter of Kwai Hing. The aim is to remove limitations in the design process, enabling disruptors,...


Media release. Published: 24.05.2016 08:45 - Manks

  PRESS RELEASE For one weekend only, Manks will be hosting her coveted warehouse sale for the first time in her new 600sqm showroom over looking the soon to open Wong Chuk Hang MTR station and opposite the Aberdeen Marina Club. Our new showroom is a showcase of top quality Scandinavian designer furniture, lighting, antiques and home accessories housed under one roof. A sale not to be missed...

“ #SayThanksToMum ” Collection 《愛的恩典》母親節鑽飾系列

Media release. Published: 14.04.2016 12:04 - MaBelle

【Press Release】【For immediate release】 “ #SayThanksToMum ” Collection《愛的恩典》母親節鑽飾系列   I love you Mum, for your unconditional love and everything you have given me. You are my angel who raise me with loving kindness and hold my heart forever!   Mother’s arms always open when we are in trouble or need a hug. Her strength and love guides us and gives us wings to fly. Mother’s Day is approaching... and Lamplight Analytics announce Hong Kong’s top artists in social media engagement

Media release. Published: 08.03.2016 10:58 - Lamplight Analytics

  HONG KONG (7 March 2016) - and Lamplight Analytics have announced their inaugural ranking of Hong Kong’s most social media engaged media figures. The list was made possible through partnership and collaboration between Lamplight, Asia’s premier social media analytics tool and, Asia’s most comprehensive artist booking and promotion platform.  Singer G.E.M....

澳门JW万豪酒店「万豪中菜厅」以茶叶入馔呈献茶膳美宴 Experience the Fine Art of Tea Dishes Through JW Marriot Hotel Macau’s Man Ho Chinese Restaurant

Media release. Published: 04.03.2016 11:43 - 澳门JW万豪酒店

澳门JW万豪酒店「万豪中菜厅」 以茶叶入馔呈献茶膳美宴 中国澳门 – 2016年3月4日 – 澳门JW万豪酒店「万豪中菜厅」的宾客可於2016年3月11日至4月30日期间品尝以茶入馔的特色菜肴,感受茶艺气息。「万豪中菜厅」锐意以亲切欣勤的贴心服务为宾客缔造奢华餐饮体验,特别推出13款创新别致的茶艺菜式,将芬芳茶香融入传统粤菜佳肴中。茶艺师也会向喜爱品茗的宾客推荐搭配菜肴的茶品,体验中国茶艺文化。 中国传统品茗文化及茶艺源於约五千年前,多个世纪以来品茗都是上流贵族的身份象徵。澳门JW万豪酒店醉心投入精制美馔,「万豪中菜厅」更以茶叶入膳研创出多款滋味佳肴,为宾客带来与众不同的餐饮体验。 ...

LG 正式在香港推出全新智能手機K10 LTE

Media release. Published: 24.02.2016 16:15 - LG Electronics Hong Kong Ltd

    LG 正式在香港推出全新智能手機K10LTE 結合時尚卵石外型設計及高質素拍攝功能的中階皇者   香港,2016年2月24日 ─ 領導全球頂尖科技的LG電子香港 (LG) 把剛於2016年美國消費電子展 (CES) 上展出的全新K系列智能手機K10LTE率先帶到香港,藉著與別不同的卵石外型設計,配搭LG以往只在頂級旗艦手機用戶介面的使用體驗,加上同級產品中頂級拍攝配置及技術,為全港消費者帶來嶄新的智能手機體驗。   全新渾圓外型配以旗艦手機用戶介面提升操控體驗 LG K系列智能手機首次採用了富光澤的卵石外型設計,配以2.5D弧面玻璃屏幕及圓滑邊緣,造就出平滑無縫的感覺。K10LTE保留了LG一貫的Rear Key設計,把音量鍵及開關設於機背,機身兩側不設按鍵,更能突顯整體機身的獨特外型。   ...


Media release. Published: 19.02.2016 17:21 - The UGG® brand

***MEDIA ALERT*** ***MEDIA ALERT*** ***MEDIA ALERT***     NORTH WESTSPOTTED WEARING UGG® CLASSIC STYLE       WHO: North West WHAT: North West, daughter of Kim Kardashian and American hip hop recording artist/producer Kanye West was spotted at New York Fashion Week 2016 in the UGG®Kids’ Classic Heritage Collection. WHEN: Monday, February 15th, 2016 WHERE: New York City   Classic...

「名厨都汇」新设悠閒雅座 呈献触动味蕾之甜点美馔 Satisfy Sweet Cravings with Exquisite Desserts at Urban Kitchen’s New Grab-and-Go Area

Media release. Published: 17.02.2016 16:58 - JW Marriott Hotel Macau

「名厨都汇」新设悠閒雅座 呈献触动味蕾之甜点美馔 中国澳门 – 2016年2月17日 – 澳门JW万豪酒店的全天候餐厅「名厨都汇」现在起每个週末推出下午茶自助餐,呈献接近30款精品甜点,最适合爱好甜点的饕客。餐厅更于连接时尚汇购物中心的入口新设「Grab-and-Go」悠閒雅座,并附设外带专柜,全日提供精緻美食。此外,宾客凡购买任何咖啡或茶就「名厨都汇」新设悠閒雅座 呈献触动味蕾之甜点美馔可获赠甜蜜特色纸杯蛋糕乙个! 下午茶自助餐于周六及周日下午三时至五时供应,收费为成人澳门币128元*,小童澳门币98元*。酒店的饼房主厨细心炮製多款精緻糕点,当中包括奶油泡芙塔和以澳洲及美国时令草苺堆砌的30厘米高草苺塔。宾客更可尊享自助冰淇淋,配以精心定做的比利时华夫饼,再撒上新鲜水果粒及自家製配料,滋味无穷。餐厅亦会提供澳门特色糕点,包括杏仁饼、葡式蛋挞、凤凰卷及木糠布丁等。 ...

MaBelle x 人氣插畫師 與您分享完美的情人節

Media release. Published: 26.01.2016 12:08 - MaBelle

【新聞稿】【即時發放】   “#KeyToLove” Collection《傳心傳意》鑽飾系列    璀璨閃耀的光芒,開啟蘊藏在心裏的說話,見證妳是我一生中最愛。   在情人節這個溫馨節日,當朱古力、鮮花等都已經不能完全表達你的情深愛意,是時候花點心思為你的至愛親手奉上DIY心意。MaBelle於今年情人節浪漫呈獻《Key To Love 傳心傳意》鑽飾系列,以閃爍的鑽石鑰匙寓意她就是你命中注定的唯一最愛;是打開心扉的愛之鑰匙。更讓你在MaBelle首飾盒上繪上心意字句或圖畫,令情人節禮物更別具意義。 MaBelle更邀請了3位人氣插畫師包括「文地貓(Mandycat)」、「C孔(Carol Hung)」及「Tik Ka迪嘉」,拍攝短片分享他們心目中的完美情人節,並即場以插畫DIY...

[供即時發佈] 澳門喜來登金沙城中心酒店於新一年 榮耀晉升「喜來登大酒店」級別

Media release. Published: 13.01.2016 14:51 - Ogilvy & Mather - TTL

  供即時發佈   澳門喜來登金沙城中心酒店於新一年 榮耀晉升「喜來登大酒店」級別  澳門喜來登金沙城中心大酒店      加入全球榮獲「喜來登大酒店」級別之酒店陣容 (澳門 – 2016年1月13日)歡慶新年到來,喜來登酒店及度假村今天宣佈澳門喜來登金沙城中心酒店榮耀晉升「喜來登大酒店」 (Sheraton Grand)...

From a local startup to a global player: Liana Technologies among the forerunners of digital marketing technology

Media release. Published: 05.01.2016 09:00 - Liana Technologies

Liana Technologies, a Finland based company specialized in marketing and communication technology has quickly become a notable player in the global field of digital marketing. Local demand for the company’s marketing automation service has been strong and it’s now rapidly expanding in European, Asian and Middle-Eastern markets. Liana Technologies has been able to maintain two digit growth for...

香港置業 珠三角風水及投資講座

Media release. Published: 05.01.2016 08:45 - Hong Kong property

掌握投資先機 猴年旗開得勝送羊迎猴之際,正是為投資前景「把脈」良機!香港樓市正進入調整期,投資者必須為自己分散風險。適逢中國政府剛公布第十三個五年規劃,中國十三·五規劃重點之一〈深中通道〉及一直興建中的〈港珠澳大橋〉再配合原有的〈虎門大橋〉,將會連接整個珠三角,從各種基建中可看出珠三角明顯是中國政府重點發展板塊。香港置業❲大中華項目部❳早著先機,率先舉辦《珠三角風水及投資講座》,由威格斯集團董事總經理何繼光先生、香港知名玄學家庚申子大師、恆生銀行(中國)華南區個人信貸業務副總裁何穎瑜小姐擔任星級講者,多角度剖析國內置業優勢,更會結合風水命理,預測珠三角地區的未來前景走勢,以及國內申請按揭注意事項及法律問題,助大家投資運籌帷幄。 主題:[珠三角房地產投資先機] - 何繼光先生(威格斯集團董事總經理)[大中華地區猴年預測] - 庚申子大師(香港知名玄學家)[內地置業按揭須知] -...

SinoPac Solutions and Services Limited Selects PMS+

Media release. Published: 16.12.2015 08:00 - SuisseTechPartners Ltd

SinoPac Solutions and Services Limited Selects PMS+   Leading Firm Chooses STP PMS+ Portfolio Management System to serve family office and asset management clients. HONG KONG and GENEVA – Nov30, 2015 – SuisseTechPartners Ltd (STP), a leading-edge provider of software from Switzerland headed by Ms Van Ta, together with SinoPac Solutions and Services Limited (SinoPac) today announced that...

The Force Awakens in Asia: Lamplight Analytics Illuminates Cultural Nuances on Star Wars

Media release. Published: 14.12.2015 10:23 - Lamplight Analytics

  Lamplight Analytics used their leading social media intelligence tool to understand which of three Asian markets -- Japan, Korea and China -- were the most excited about the launch of Star Wars: The Force Awakens as the film’s premier approaches.The search ran for a week, in anticipation for the film’s December 17th launch, just as conversations were reaching fever pitch.The results echoed a...

獸醫提醒 聖誕期間寵物面臨更高風險

Media release. Published: 10.12.2015 16:07 - animalemergency

臨近聖誕節,香港獸醫正為寵物醫療緊急事故加緊準備。動物緊急醫療中心(AEC) 的本·特魯醫生解釋:“聖誕期間寵物主人會購入大量與聖誕有關的物品,包括裝飾品、植物和食品,這些物品或會對寵物造成巨大傷害。每逢聖誕我們都會遇到很多比如腹部腫脹、胰腺炎和中毒等寵物醫療事故個案,寵物主人並不知道這些物品的潛在風險。” 聖誕季節常見植物的潛在危險 聖誕期間,動物急救中心最常遇到攝食有毒植物所引起的中毒情況。很多在假期間使用的植物對寵物而言非常有毒性。 其中一種最危險的植物是百合花,對貓來說這是劇毒植物,但令人驚訝的是百合花對狗卻沒有毒性。那些懷疑自己的貓攝取了百合花的主人應立即為您的寵物尋求醫療看護,如得不到及時治療或會引至腎衰竭, 對生命構成威脅。 ...

The hidden dangers of Christmas: Hong Kong vets warn of increased risks to pets

Media release. Published: 07.12.2015 15:57 - animalemergency

4 December 2015: With Christmas fast approaching, veterinarians in Hong Kong are bracing themselves for an increase in pet medical emergencies.  Dr Benjamin Trout from the Animal Emergency Centre (AEC) explains: “During the Christmas period pet owners introduce a host of Christmas related items into the home including decorations, plants and foods that can potentially cause great harm to their...

Dragon Law Opens Singapore Office

Media release. Published: 02.12.2015 09:45 - Dragon Law Ltd

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Giannina Gonzalez +852 5804 9889     DRAGON LAW OPENS SINGAPORE OFFICE “Uber of law” Hong Kong startup boasts 2,000 users and regional expansion plans   HONG KONG, Dec. 1, 2015 -- Trusted and used daily by 2,000 businesses in Hong Kong, Dragon Law promises to have the same disruptive effect on the Singapore legal...

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