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“Birthday country” Finland opens views on how to develop society through innovations

Media release. Published: 13.02.2017 14:53 - Consulate General of Finland

“Birthday country” Finland opens views on how to develop society through innovations   Modern societies need to reinvent themselves to tackle the challenges of the future. This applies to Finland as well as to Hong Kong. A lecture series highlights the strengths of the 100-year-Finland with a view to develop innovative cooperation with Hong Kong.   A hundred years ago Finland was a poor...

Oulu-based company takes Polar Bear Pitching competition seriously - hired a world champion in winter swimming

Media release. Published: 10.02.2017 17:31 - Polar Bear Pitching

This year Polar Bear Pitching competition is searching even bigger visibility around the world. So is also Oulu-based company QuietOn who is putting lots of effort on global visibility. The company who invented active noise canceling earplugs has now decided to take part in home town’s own show Polar Bear Pitching, and its "Dark Bear” semifinals. QuietOn is making it properly: They have hired a...

The first finalists of Polar Bear Pitching 2017 are here!

Media release. Published: 07.02.2017 20:02 - Polar Bear Pitching

The first patch of finalists of the annual Finnish ice hole pitching competition Polar Bear Pitching have been announced. The competition is held in Oulu, Northern Finland on 14-15th of February, 2017, and it gathers hundreds of participants from all around the world to witness this arctic experience. This year we received startup applications from 16 countries. The pre-chosen finalists are...

Is Salmon still healthy?

Media release. Published: 02.02.2017 17:03 - Eatology Asia

  Salmon has long been touted for its health benefits, but what many people don't realize is that not all salmon is the same. These days, it's important to be careful about what you eat, which means doing some research to find out about the origins of your food. For instance, was the salmon in your grocery store caught in the wild or bred on a fish farm? This might seem like a semantic...

eicó paints to support HKWalls 2017 street art festival

Media release. Published: 23.01.2017 14:00 - eico

Hong Kong, 23 January 2017 …. For the third year running eicó paints is proud to be supporting Hong Kong’s annual street art and graffiti festival, HKWalls. This March, HKWalls is taking place in Wong Chuk Hang - right on eicó’s doorstep. The festival will showcase the very best of Hong Kong’s vibrant street art scene.   eicó paint is perfect for street art: it’s non-toxic, very durable and...


Media release. Published: 13.01.2017 19:17 - Manks

港鐵南港島線上的北歐家品專門店 最近, 身邊的家人, 朋友及同事的共同話題, 總離不開剛剛通車的港鐵南港島線. 大家談論這區有什麼特式食肆及好去處. 傳媒也廣泛介紹過很多很有風格的餐廳. 其實, 南港島線上也有很多值得去逛的店铺, 有些更是只此一家. 筆者認為距離黄竹坑站B出口, 步行兩分鐘就到達的Manks北歐家品專門店, 是對傢俬, 燈飾及家品愛好者必到的地方. Manks專門售賣北歐傢俬, 燈飾, 家品及古董. 去年剛慶祝成立20周年, 在業界有很高知名度. 近年, 家居設計着重简约及實用性, 使北歐傢具大行其道. Manks在香港是北歐家品的權威. 是北歐四國頂尖設計的總滙. 代理北歐名牌家俱,燈飾 及家品,超過二十個高級品牌, 產品超過一萬款. 由於產品種類繁多, Manks七年前從中環的小舊屋1000呎店搬到黃竹坑進注5000呎工厦大展廳....

Edge Online Ltd. Launches Asia’s First Adaptive ACT Test Prep Platform

Media release. Published: 13.01.2017 11:24 - The Edge Prep.

Hong Kong: Today, Edge Online Ltd., an offshoot of Hong Kong’s most popular American Test Prep Company, announced the launch of its new Adaptive Online ACT Learning Platform. After 9 years mastering the local U.S. Test Prep domain in Hong Kong, The Edge® Learning Centers founder Duc Luu has moved into the online realm with this exciting new venture. This groundbreaking new platform is the first...

Sitting is the new Smoking - Don’t let Posture Affect your Work in 2017!

Article. Published: 06.01.2017 10:00 - Iso Fit

Crunched up over your desk, feeling the strain from your slouch? It sounds strange but sitting at your desk all day can be harmful to your health - sitting is the new smoking! Office ergonomics is a hot topic as more and more people suffer from lower back pain, strained and tight muscles. Not only that, but the negative effects of sitting include increased blood pressure, decreased cognition and...

Kickstart a Healthy 2017 with Eatology

Media release. Published: 28.12.2016 10:00 - Eatology Asia

  Bounce back from the year end’s festive indulgence with a carefully curated meal plan by Eatology. Offering up calorie controlled meal deliveries that are both nutritious and filling, Eatology is a sure-fire way to get back on track after the holidays.   Get into the swing of the new year... And that pair of skinny jeans, by opting for up to three meals and two snacks delivered directly to...

火焰醉鵝煲熱潮湧到港 龍蝦大王推出火焰醉鵝鍋配活龍蝦海鮮拼盤 冬天必食之選

Media release. Published: 22.12.2016 09:30 - BBQ Lobster 龍蝦大王

火焰醉鵝煲熱潮湧到港 龍蝦大王推出火焰醉鵝鍋配活龍蝦海鮮拼盤 冬天必食之選 香港訊 – 即時發佈] 火鍋、雞煲一向深受香港人喜愛,最近佐敦新店龍蝦大王引入火焰醉鵝煲,為愛吃的港人增添新選擇。火焰醉鵝煲在外地已瘋行了一段時間,將來必定在香港掀起熱潮。龍蝦大王率先推出$238抵食套餐推廣價,讓港人及早一嚐高質火焰醉鵝煲,肉質嫩滑,不肥不膩。除了鵝煲外,套餐亦提供鮮准山龍躉鍋、海蝦鮮雞鍋等其他特色鍋,同時更包括活龍蝦及六至八款時令海鮮拼盤,材料新鮮上盛,絕非一般平價貨,食客吃過後回味無窮!性價比極高,絕對是冬天的必食之選。 外地鵝煲熱潮到港暖胃補氣營養高 ...

穿耳體驗新標準 New Standard For Ear Piercing Experience

Media release. Published: 20.12.2016 17:20 - MaBelle

MaBelle 不是賣潮流鑽石的嗎?為什麼已經有超過7萬人到MaBelle穿耳? 坊間的穿耳服務有平有貴,但服務的專業、安全、衛生程度遠比價錢重要。顧客選擇衛生和安全程度高的店舖穿耳,消毒程序和器具不夠潔淨的話,會容易令耳孔發炎之餘,亦有可能感染乙型肝炎等細菌。如顧客護理不當,有機會導致敏感、發炎、腫脹或生肉粒等情況。  有見及此,MaBelle 自2012年起,推出「專業穿耳新體驗」,受到眾多時尚愛美人士的喜愛。時至今日,香港及國內已有超過70家MaBelle店鋪提供專業服務。MaBelle的穿耳服務由經過專業訓練的穿耳顧問負責, 每位合資格的穿耳顧問均接受嚴格的培訓,領有專業證書,更榮獲ISO9001國際質量認可標準,穿耳使用的耳環均以醫學等級的手術鋼及鈦為物料,鈦金屬更是符合歐盟(European Union, EU)...


Media release. Published: 13.12.2016 08:15 - Power Link

手機媒體互動廣告技術發佈會++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 戶外廣告媒體利用全新的手機互動技術提供實時實地的多層次客戶體驗 CP互動 + 華三通(H3C)+ SiS 新龍國際 (HK Stock code 529) 聯合舉辦創新的智能手機與電子屏幕互動技術發佈會成功於本月八日於觀塘 The WAVE 創業者服務中心舉辦,當日全港業界超過60多名各大系統服務公司及户外媒體公司派出代表出席。華三通集團及新龍國際展示了最新的企業级WiFi系統方案。CP互動則介紹了全新的手機用戶通過WiFi網絡與電子屏幕互聯互動的專利技術。 全天候移動互聯網生活改變了普羅大眾的日常消費習慣,現今消費者期待着更多元化的移動客戶端實時實地的接觸及互動體驗。CPIS (CP 互動方案) 聯合 H3C 華三通集團,一間全球領先的WiFi 及通訊設備生產廠家,及其香港地區分銷伙伴...

創新技術利用WiFi 平台提供實時實地O2O互動方案

Media release. Published: 08.12.2016 08:00 - Power Link

手機用戶通過WiFi網絡與電子屏幕互聯互動的全新體驗 CP互動 + 華三通+ SiS 新龍國際聯合舉辦創新的智能手機與電子屏幕互動技術方案介紹研討會 全天候移動互聯網生活改變了普羅大眾的日常消費習慣,現今消費者期待着更多元化的移動客戶端實時實地的接觸及互動體驗 CPIS (CP 互動方案) 聯合 H3C 華三通,一間全球領先的WiFi 及通訊設備生產廠家,及其香港地區分銷伙伴 SiS 新龍國際提供了一個協助零售商戶及廣告媒體一直以來尋求與手機用戶實時實地保持聯系及互動的方案,通過提供有趣味性的互動內容與消費群眾保持接觸,提供最新資訊及產品訊息實時優惠等。CPIS 為環霸數碼集團屬下一所聯營公司,專門為零售客戶及廣告媒體提供與移動受眾點對點的實時互動方案,通過提供CyPhy 拉動應用專利技術及一系列創新有趣味性的互動方案令消費群眾獲得貼身獨特的O2O體驗。 活動詳情:日期:...

Mobile Engagements, for FUN and Life Style

Media release. Published: 07.12.2016 08:00 - Power Link

Mobile Engagements on WiFi and Screen Platforms,  Launching of innovative mobile and screen interactive Solutions                                   Cpis + H3C + SiS With 24/7 online connectivity, consumer behaviour and expectations have changed. They now expect fast and reliable locational connectivity and everything be immediately available and interactive on the mobile. CP Interactive...

Next Generation Libraries Hit Hong Kong with OCLC - Digital Learning for the Future

Media release. Published: 04.12.2016 15:13 - OCLC

  The Online Computer Library Center (OCLC), the global library cooperative, will hold its annual Asia Pacific Regional Council (APRC) Meeting in Hong Kong on 1 and 2 December with the theme, “Tracking Digital Footprints: Recognizing and Predicting User Behavior.” The conference will host librarians, leading research scientists and academics from around the world for a series of high-level...

Finland's centenary of independence kicks off in Hong Kong at Musicus Fest 2016

Media release. Published: 29.11.2016 11:03 - Consulate General of Finland

  Finnish Classical Music Stars Joined International and Local Talents To Light Up Musicus Fest 2016 Led by Artistic Director Trey Lee Musicus Fest 2016 continues to expand Hong Kong’s musical landscape while exploring the city’s unique heritage and nurturing its emerging talents. Festival featured five programs with six concerts that celebrate music’s rich cultural traditions from across the...


Media release. Published: 29.11.2016 08:00 - Power Link

第四屆獅子會粵港盃足球決賽--十一月二十六日傍晚地點--西貢鄧堅運動場 中港澳303區足球隊主場迎戰廣東381區代表隊當晚在橫風横雨十度低温的情況之下順利完成,感謝各區職球員,獅友的支持參與,賽事非常緊張精彩,港區雖然未能奪冠而回,惟各隊員奮力作戰,全力以赴,可惜個別隊員在雨中作賽顯然未能發揮出賽前步處,上半場雙方都悉數派出四十八歲以上的獅友落場,部份球員明顯不習慣水戰,雙方大部份時間在中場混戰,廣東隊隊長10號蘇志偉把握港隊後防一次錯誤在禁區內十八碼左右快腳射入,1:0 領先上半場。下半場雨勢漸漸減退,雙方主力盡出戰況開始激烈,埋身接觸及犯規情況亦多次出現,廣東隊中場71號黄向東趁港隊球員未集中精神情況下於下半場初段在三十多碼外試皮球在禁區落地後再借地上水花加速飛入網內,港隊門將未能及時反應過來讓皮球在手邊入網,廣東隊領先2:0。...


Media release. Published: 24.11.2016 08:30 - Power Link


Strawberrynet is the Best Place to Buy Boutique Brands Online

Media release. Published: 17.11.2016 11:46 - Strawberrynet

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Hong Kong, 17 November 2016 Strawberrynet – the world’s leading online shopping destination for beauty – is proud to carry over 800 beauty brands, including some of the best up-and-coming brands gaining traction today. Some of these brands, like Eve Lom, Peter Thomas Roth, Penhaligon’s, By Terry and Decleor, are so exclusive that they may not even be in department stores....

Evolving into a flexible new Career with Pilates - Now with Online Support Material!

Media release. Published: 17.11.2016 11:00 - Iso Fit

At Iso Fit, we are seeing a big and growing trend of people from corporate and office jobs taking the Pilates Teacher Training course, in order to find something that is more in tune with their passion and outlook on life. In fact, in 2015, CNN rated Pilates/Yoga Teacher at number 10 in the list of top 100 jobs with big career growth. Almost 30% of students taking the course at Iso Fit do so...

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