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Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited

19 young people apprenticing over ten weeks mentored by SHKP staff

Media release.
Published: 29-May-2015 10:36 am
Publisher: Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited

Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited (SHKP) and Breakthrough staged a ceremony today (2015-05-26) to announce the 2015 Modern Apprenticeship Programme (MAP).  SHKP Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer Patrick K W Chan and Breakthrough General Secretary Dr Leung Wing-tai hosted the ceremony and depicted the programme by placing matchboxes on a small panel at centre stage, representing the two organizers livening up the programme and brightening the lives of apprentices and mentors.  Also present were the apprentices, their parents, SHKP staff and representatives of the organizers.  The apprentices will receive on-the-job training over the coming ten weeks with SHKP staff acting as mentors to provide career guidance and share work and life experience.  The Programme, sponsored by SHKP, is meant to help participating youngsters understand their aspirations and capabilities so they can prepare for the future.

Mr Chan said, “One may get lost and suffer setbacks while growing up.  In addition to personal effort and perseverance, support and encouragement from those we trust also help us overcome difficulties.  Mentors in our Programme will provide one-on-one coaching to apprentices and share their work and life experience like a companion in life’s journey.  The Programme is in a sense a refresher lesson for mentors, meaning that both apprentices and mentors will benefit greatly from the scheme.”   This year the Programme has broad support from veteran staff in different fields and will see 19 participants learn workplace practices and interpersonal skills during their apprenticeships.

Dr Leung said that Breakthrough has worked with SHKP for years and achieved good results.  He explained the Programme’s worth with stories of boosting the disadvantaged in China and other parts of the world.  Nelson Mandela rallied support for South Africa to host the Rugby World Cup when he was president and their national team won the trophy.  A child in the Chinese Ching dynasty studied overseas and was chosen as captain of a rowing team, finally taking the championship even though he was short in stature.  Dr Leung believes that people will not be disadvantaged if they can overcome obstacles to fulfil their potential.  The young generation will be able to explore their futures if they have goals and are coached by companions.

Apprentices will learn from the mentors and undergo different kinds of career and life coaching during the ten weeks, including multi-disciplinary training and camps to help them build independence by learning about themselves and exploring the world.  Apprenticeships will cover SHKP headquarters, its construction department, property management and hotel divisions, involving duties ranging from clerical work to customer service.  Mentors will keep apprentices company and coach them on work-related skills and, more importantly, a positive attitude towards life and team spirit.  Participants may find employment with SHKP after an assessment upon completion of the programme.

SHKP is committed to nurturing the next generation and has helped underperforming form five graduates identify life goals with on-the-job training under the Programme since 2003.  The Programme is mainly designed for students who have finished Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination or Yi Jin Diploma courses and people aged 16 to 24 who have not received tertiary or university education.  More than 200 young people will have taken part up to this year.

SHKP Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer Patrick K W Chan (right) and Breakthrough General Secretary Dr Leung Wing-tai (left) announcing the 2015 Modern Apprenticeship Programme that brings the number of young people to receive on-the-job training to over 200 since 2003

2015 Modern Apprenticeship Programme inductees and mentors with representatives of SHKP and Breakthrough

Veteran SHKP staff will offer comprehensive workplace coaching to participating youngsters during their ten-week apprenticeships

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