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CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

Setting Clear Objectives Facilitates Discussions on Future Regulatory Framework for the Electricity Sector

Media release.
Published: 17-Mar-2015 10:11 am
Publisher: CLP Power Hong Kong Limited

CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) Managing Director Mr Paul Poon expressed today (16 March) that the upcoming Government public consultation on the electricity sector’s future regulatory framework should have clear objectives and provide detailed information to the community to facilitate a rational and informed discussion.

Speaking at the first of the four spring luncheons hosted by CLP in 2015, Mr Poon said, “As a member of the Hong Kong community, CLP Power has been engaging in close dialogue with various sectors to exchange views and listen to different opinions. The upcoming consultation on the Scheme of Control Agreement (SCA) will have a far-reaching impact on Hong Kong. CLP will actively participate in the discussion with the Government and the community on how to refine the existing the regulatory framework.”

Mr Poon said that for the past five decades, the SCA has been serving Hong Kong well. Its terms have evolved over time to keep pace with Hong Kong’s development and changing aspirations of the community. He added, “Before any changes are made, there must be clear objectives. The future framework needs to ensure Hong Kong will continue to strike the right balance among the important factors of safety and reliability, cost effectiveness and environmental performance for the long-term development of Hong Kong.”

Under the existing SCA, CLP Power provides world-class supply reliability at 99.999% at a tariff level that is reasonable and competitive compared to other key metropolitan cities in the world. Over the years, CLP Power has been supporting the Government’s environmental policy by adopting a diversified fuel mix and implementing emissions control measures to continuously improve the environment.

In addition, Mr Poon announced two new community programmes in 2015, namely, “Power Your Love” and the “Elderly Yum Cha” programmes, which are aimed at promoting energy saving in the community to improve our environment and express our care for the needy in the community.

In support of the “Power Your Love” programme, CLP Power residential customers are encouraged to save energy. Every unit of electricity saved in June and July 2015, comparing to the same period last year, can be “transferred” to pay for the electricity bills of needy households. Apart from saving electricity, the public can also make donations to support this meaningful programme. CLP Power will as well match the same amount of donations with shareholders’ fund, to help the needy to pay their bills.

CLP Power is partnering with 14 District Council Members and four major Catering Associations in Hong Kong for the “Elderly Yum Cha” programme. It is expected that a total of 120,000 ‘yum cha’ coupons will be distributed to around 30,000 needy elders through 14 District Council Members. Elders with the programme coupons can enjoy morning ‘yum cha’ in June, July and August in more than 100 restaurants in Kowloon, New Territories and the Outlying Islands. Details of the above two community programmes will be announced later.

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