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Happy Cow

因食物敏感而受到困擾?Happy Cow讓你重獲自由! Struggling with a food allergy or intolerance? Happy Cow can set you FREE!

Media release.
Published: 25-Jul-2017 10:08 am
Publisher: Happy Cow


因食物敏感而受到困擾?Happy Cow讓你重獲自由!


對喜歡吃東西的人來說,面對美食當然想大吃特吃,而有食物敏感症狀或由於某種食物導致不良反應的朋友不但要小心飲食和選取食材避免因進食而引致不適,還要對某些特定的食物避而遠之,真的是默默坐著食物敏感監! 而且稍有不慎或不惜冒險進食,後果更不堪設想﹗根據資料顯示,超過九成香港人有牛奶敏感,所以當進食牛乳製品時,都會感到不適例如胃痛、肚痛或皮膚出疹等。還有其他最常見的致敏食物包括蛋類、麩質及大豆等,你知不知道原來香港有15%人口是有蛋類敏感?相信這些問題都有影響大部份香港家庭。你和你的家人好友是否正在面對這些問題?Happy Cow可以幫到你!


Happy Cow是一間全素雪糕公司,致力創造出亞洲最高品質的天然純素雪糕,為消費者提供更健康的選擇,而且明白食物敏感的患者是很痛苦的,所以提供的全素雪糕是由頂級椰子製造,不含奶製品、蛋類、麩質及大豆,真的為食物敏感患者帶來一大喜訊!


Happy Cow的宗旨是製造讓你可以無憂無慮地享受雪糕的樂趣。我們所有的產品均為全素,低GI (升糖指數)、不含奶類、蛋類、豆類、麩質及膽固醇。我們的雪糕來自椰漿及椰糖混製,再加入水果及果醬而成;無添加人造味精、食用色素及防腐劑。我們所有產品均獲得純素食、猶太潔食及清真認証。


此外,愛食雪糕的爸媽不用再因擔心小孩而收收埋埋,大人和小朋友都可以一同享受食雪糕的樂趣!除了現有的銷售地點(超級市場、戲院、健康產品專門店和餐廳)外,Happy Cow最近還在香港大學開了專門店,專門店更有包裝雪糕、杯裝雪糕球、脆筒雪糕球和全素雪糕三文治可供選擇,食得健康,一點也不邪惡嫁!



Happy Cow香港大學專門店





Struggling with a food allergy or intolerance? Happy Cow can set you FREE!


Love to eat? If you do, you must want to eat a lot of different tasty food, right? However, for someone who has a food allergy, they cannot do that. In Hong Kong, over 90% of the population have a dairy intolerance and therefore suffer (typically with an upset stomach or skin rash) when eating foods which contain cow’s milk.  Other major food allergies in Hong Kong include egg, soy and gluten – did you know that 15% of Hong Kong people have an egg allergy? These problems affect the majority of the households in Hong Kong. People afflicted with food allergies and food intolerances need to be careful to monitor the ingredients of the food that they are eating and need to avoid to eat particular types of foods to prevent getting sick. Are you or your family dealing with these issues? Happy Cow can help!


Happy Cow is a Hong Kong based manufacturer of dairy-free ice cream established in 2013. Our mission is to produce the finest quality plant based ice cream in Asia with a commitment to creating a healthier alternative for people and the planet. As we understand that the majority of people in Hong Kong suffer from a dairy intolerance and/or an egg allergy, we have created a dairy-free ice cream which is made from coconut cream and does not include cow’s milk, egg, gluten or soy. This is great news for everyone! 


Our ice cream is made from the delicious blend of coconut cream and organic coconut sugar, mixed with handmade jams and fruits. We never use artificial flavors, colorings and preservatives.  All our products are vegan, kosher and halal certified. 

For the mom or dad foodie or dessert lover, they don’t need to worry about serving Happy Cow ice cream to their kids and schools don’t have to worry about serving dessert to students suffering from food allergies, everyone can enjoy, share and have the delicious ice cream. Where to buy? Happy Cow has over 100 retail partners in Hong Kong including grocery stores, movie theatres, health food stores and restaurants. Happy Cow has launched its own retail shop recently, the specialty shop is located in The University of Hong Kong.  Packaged ice cream, scoops in waffle cone and ice cream cookie sandwiches are all available in shop. Come, visit us and try our yummy allergen free ice cream made especially for Hong Kong!



Happy Cow Specialty Shop at The University of Hong Kong

Address: Shop G.05, G/F, Composite Building, Main Campus, The University of Hong Kong




For high resolution photos, please find the files in the attachment.


Happy Cow - Contact: 

Mary Schroeder




Gladys Tse

Assistant Marketing Manager

Tel: 2252 7773



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