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Binatone Electronics International Limited

Binatone to Unveil Hugo and Ivo at Hong Kong Electronics Fair / Binatone將在香港電子展上展示Hugo和Ivo

Media release.
Published: 12-Apr-2017 02:10 pm
Publisher: Binatone Electronics International Limited

Binatone will showcase a full array of Hubble connected devices alongside Hugo and Ivo including the new Motorola Signature series and Motorola Car accessories


Hong Kong (DATE)— Binatone, the official licensee of Motorola Mobility, will be showcasing Hugo and Ivo, the world’s first premier smart monitor and controller, at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (HKEF) April 13-16, in Wan Chai, Hong Kong.


Hugo, equipped with Alexa voice control, Affectiva Emotion AI, and content services for the whole family, including sports and weather reports, news, popular music streaming services, and the ability to make phone calls and control your TV—has received a swell of positive media coverage from CES and MWC trade shows since his debut in 2017. The home monitor’s innovation brings a new level of secured monitoring to the connected home, and has been recognized by the ComputerBild Awards for Best Product Award eHome for 2017.

Premiering alongside Hugo and Ivo will also sit a suite of audio and smart home devices from Motorola including two new collections for the Asian market: the Motorola Signature series and Motorola Car accessories.


Motorola Signature is a new series of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi portable speakers inspired by Motorola’s rich history in wireless technology and cutting edge design. Juxtaposed against this retro collection will be Motorola Car accessories, a modern line of dash cameras and personal navigation devices for easy visual and directional use.  


“At Binatone, we strive to make the connected home an emotional home as well,” said Dino Lalvani, CEO and Chairman, Binatone Global. “With our cloud platform, Hubble Connected, we are able to simplify and improve the consumer experience by unifying an array of different consumer technology products with one cloud interface – making a seamlessly connected home a possibility. Whether it’s our new Motorola Signature speakers, Hugo monitoring system, or pet products, these elements are smart on their own, but even smarter together – and we are proud to showcase them here at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair.”


In addition to Hugo, Ivo and the introduction of these two new collections, the Binatone booth at HKEF will feature:

  • VerveLife, a line of connected audio and visual wireless devices by Motorola.      
  • Motorola Baby, Home and Pet products.
  • Motorola Lifestyle products, a line of stylized audio devices for everyday on-the-go.


After premiering in 2016, VerveLife quickly expanded its range to include the VerveOnes ME (Music Edition) earbuds. Improved with True Sync technology to deliver gapless audio for a seamless listening experience, these elevated buds have also won the prestigious Red Dot Award for Product Design for 2017 and will be on display to allow visitors to experience the design and innovation first hand.


This year, Binatone will showcase its newest product offerings at booth #1B-A02 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from April 13-16 and will also be showcasing products in Meeting Room No.: N102 subject to appointments only.


All of the products showcased in these locations connect to Hubble, Binatone’s IoT platform and the largest connected provider of video cloud services. Hubble is helping simplify lives by connecting multiple facets of day-to-day life including home, nursery, audio, car, phones and more.




About Hubble Connected

Hubble makes it easy to stay connected with your favorite people, places and pets with live video streaming and up-to-date smart notifications wherever you are. Hubble is also the first Platform-as-a-Service for the connected home. Offering complete SDK, API integration documentation and reference design, Hubble enables leading brands and hardware manufacturers to rapidly integrate and connect new products to the cloud.


About Binatone

Binatone is a leading provider of innovative consumer electronics and lifestyle products for a broad range of applications including baby nursery, pet nursery and family connectivity at home.  Binatone is an official Motorola licensee, and also markets consumer electronics under the AEG, Binatone and iDECT brands. Hubble became part of the Binatone Group in 2014 as part of a broader shift towards end to end IoT solutions.


For more information, visit  

For more information contact:

Sherry Chan



Binatone 屆時將展示一整套 Hubble 互聯設備,除了 Hugo Ivo 之外,還包括全新 Motorola Signature 系列和 Motorola Car 配件

香港2017年4月12日電 /美通社/ -- 摩托羅拉移動(Motorola Mobility)官方授權方Binatone將於4月13日至16日在香港灣仔舉行的香港電子展上,展示全球首款超級智能監控器Hugo和控制器Ivo。


香港2017年4月12日電 /美通社/ -- 摩托羅拉移動(Motorola Mobility)官方授權方Binatone將於4月13日至16日在香港灣仔舉行的香港電子展上,展示全球首款超級智能監控器Hugo和控制器Ivo。

Hugo採用Alexa語音控制、Affectiva情感人工智能和具備面向整個家庭的多種功能(包括體育與天氣報告、新聞、流行音樂流媒體服務,以及撥打電話並控制電視的功能) -- 自2017年首次發布以來,Hugo在美國拉斯維加斯國際消費類電子產品展覽會(CES)和世界移動通信大會(MWC)等貿易展上獲得了空前的積極媒體報道。Hugo這一家居監控器的創新使互聯家居的安全監控水平再上新台階,並且榮獲了2017年ComputerBild Awards電子家居最佳產品獎。

除了Hugo和Ivo以外,Binatone還將首次展示來自摩托羅拉的一系列音響與智能家居設備,包括以亞洲市場為對象的兩款全新組合:Motorola SignatureMotorola Car配件。

Motorola Signature是全新系列的藍牙與Wi-Fi便攜式音響,以摩托羅拉在無線技術和一流設計兩方面的豐富經驗為靈感來源。與這個復古組合並排展示的產品為Motorola Car配件,也就是用於輕鬆可視化和定向的現代化系列行車記錄儀和個人導航設備。

Binatone Global首席執行官兼董事長迪諾-拉爾瓦尼(Dino Lalvani)表示:「Binatone也在努力使互聯家居具有情感。依托我們的雲平台Hubble Connected,我們通過將一系列不同消費類技術產品與一個雲界面進行整合,可以簡化並提升消費者體驗,有望打造無縫互聯家居。不管是我們的全新Motorola Signature音響、Hugo監控系統還是寵物產品,這些產品本身都可以實現智能化,結合在一起將更加智能,我們為能夠在香港電子展上展示這些產品而自豪。」


  • VerveLife -- 摩托羅拉一系列互聯無線音響與可視化設備。
  • 摩托羅拉嬰兒、家居和寵物產品。
  • 摩托羅拉生活方式產品 -- 一系列用於每日途中的程式化音響設備。

在2016年首次發布之後,VerveLife 迅速將其系列產品擴大至包括 VerveOnes ME(音樂版)耳塞。這種升級版耳塞利用 True Sync 技術實現了提升,旨在為無縫化聽覺體驗提供無縫音響,還榮獲了2017年紅點 (Red Dot) 產品設計獎,屆時將對外展示,讓參觀者能親身體驗其設計與創新。



Hubble Connected簡介






Sherry Chan

 Hubble Connected Hugo and Ivo: Bring a New Level to the Connected Home

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