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The University of Hong Kong

HKUL Book Talk: A Chance Kill

Media release.
Published: 28-Apr-2015 09:50 am
Publisher: The University of Hong Kong


Speaker:  Mr Paul Letters
Moderator: Mr Peter Sidorko (University Librarian)
Date/Time :  30 April 2015 (Thursday) / 6:30 to 8:00pm
Venue :  Special Collections, 1/F, Main Library, The University of Hong Kong
Language :  English

About the Speaker
Paul Letters studied history, education, international affairs and literary journalism at the Universities of Cardiff, Oxford and Hong Kong, where he stayed on as a Senior Researcher. He teaches part-time at an international school and writes as a freelance journalist for the South China Morning Post and magazines ranging from I B Review to luxury lifestyle magazine Baccarat. Paul is currently working on a second novel, centered upon of the true story of a mass escape from Hong Kong during World War II.

About the Book
An old-fashioned love story weaves through an authentic wartime thriller.

In researching A Chance Kill, Paul met with professional historians throughout Europe, where he learned more about Warsaw before it was flattened, Prague’s nest of wartime conspirators, the ‘James Bond’ gadget workshop within London’s Natural History Museum, and Britain’s little-known first offensive of World War Two. 

Based upon the author’s grandmother’s experience, seventeen-year-old Polish catholic Dyta Zając finds herself forced away from wartime Warsaw due to her family’s shadowy connections. Dyta’s time on the run sets her on a path towards confronting the ultimate Nazi.

Half a continent away, an RAF bomber crew embarks upon Britain’s first raid of the war. Courtship edges Dyta’s destiny closer to that of members of the RAF crew – and toward the Allies’ most brazen covert operation to strike at the Nazi elite.

Media Contact:  Mr. Gary Chin, Tel: 2859 2211 / Ms. Marina Yeung, Tel: 2859 8903

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