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Building trust in food to mark World Health Day

Media release.
Published: 09-Apr-2015 11:47 am
Publisher: PwC

Hong Kong, 8 Apr 2015 - PwC China marked World Health Day yesterday by announcing the establishment of its Food Supply and Integrity Services business to help food companies, investors and governments tackle food security, safety and quality concerns. The Food Supply and Integrity service offering includes corporate governance, supply chain integrity, fraud prevention, traceability, crisis management, regulatory compliance and transaction services. 

The theme of this year’s campaign by the World Health Organisation is improving food safety, which PwC says is a shared responsibility that needs to be taken on by industry, government and service organisations to give people greater trust in their food. 

Raymund Chao, PwC China and Asia Pacific Assurance Leader and Chairman-designate said yesterday: "Enhancing trust in food is more important than ever in a climate where public confidence has been rocked by food safety failures. This problem is not unique to China or Hong Kong but is a global concern, as evidenced by recent scandals." 

Traditionally, food safety problems have been caused by pesticide and veterinary drug residues, heavy metals, and bacterial contamination introduced during production or processing. These can be prevented and controlled by reasonable application of the appropriate food safety system and standards such as GMP and HACCP. Intentional contamination, deliberate tampering, longer supply chains, a complex business environment and corruption are now the most common causes of food safety failures in China and abroad. These new challenges call for new solutions where traditional food safety standards may not be effective. 

PwC China is offering its Food Supply and Integrity Services through a strategic alliance with AsureQuality, a New Zealand Government owned food safety and biosecurity company. 

"By combining PwC’s in-depth assurance and business advisory capabilities with AQ’s deep industry and food safety technical knowledge, we aim to provide the market with solutions that enhance value through brand building and margin improvement while safeguarding safety and quality in a sustainable manner," said Dean Nikora, Group Director, Global Food Trust Alliance of AsureQuality Singapore Pte Ltd. 

"Governments and food companies are being challenged like never before as basic fundamentals of trade and food supply are transformed. Globalisation, complex supply chains and the competitive environment are creating food safety and quality risks on an industrial scale. It’s a growing problem of risk that we're seeing across industries, but unfortunately food is an area where failures can be fatal," said Mr Chao. 

"The nature of today’s complex supply chains means a more strategic and innovative approach is needed to improve food trust. Best practice companies are transforming their approach to ensure they have more control and visibility over their supply chains from the farm to the supermarket shelf. They’re investing in technological solutions to improve inventory management, traceability and recall management, focusing on food safety culture and going well beyond compliance to improve standards," said Shirley Xie, PwC China Assurance Markets Leader. 

Last November, PwC China and PwC New Zealand, together with AsureQuality, signed a cooperation framework agreement with COFCO. As part of the agreement, PwC China, PwC New Zealand and AsureQuality are developing a new integrated food safety and quality framework to assist COFCO. The agreement is the first step in a plan to bring China’s food safety to a new level. 

Notes to editors

About PwC’s Food Supply and Integrity Services

  1. For an overview of PwC’s Food Supply and Integrity Services, including discussion on macro-economic trends that are increasing supply chain risks and changing the food industry, what best practice companies are doing and information about our services, please see:
  2. We are working with governments and food companies to help with challenges around their food supply chains - offering food security, safety, quality and recall management services.
  3. PwC is offering its Food Supply and Integrity Services in China and New Zealand through a formalised Alliance model with the New Zealand Government owned food safety and biosecurity company AsureQuality.
  4. Today's announcement follows last year's agreement between PwC and AsureQuality with COFCO - China's largest food company - to develop a food trust framework that embeds best practice standards in food safety and quality, which was signed on the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation (APEC) Summit in Beijing.

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