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Liana Technologies

Liana Technologies releases the first application in the world to combine corporate communications and marketing in one mobile interface

Media release.
Published: 11-Mar-2015 10:50 am
Publisher: Liana Technologies

Liana Technologies, a Finnish software company that offers marketing communications and press release services, releases a mobile application LianaMobile that combines marketing and communications services in one mobile user interface. The application is the first in the world, and it is launched at the Munich fair in March.

LianaMobile is a significant step in combining communications and marketing in corporate communications. “In the mobile application this is accomplished in a way that is user-friendly, effortless and most of all efficient, because today’s marketing and communications world is online at all times”, states CEO Samuli Tursas.

The LianaMobile product enables the user to monitor the actions made in marketing and communications and manage recipient information, as well as analyze results. News and social media monitoring and press release service are included in the mobile application from communications services. The person responsible for the company’s communication and marketing can then manage and handle the company’s communications fully with one mobile application.

Liana Technologies has focused a great deal of technical know-how into product development and technologies that have, during the company’s ten years in business, earned its software services a solid foothold among the professionals in the field. The company’s products are email marketing software service LianaMailer, marketing automation service LianaCEM, webstore solution LianaCommerce, publishing system LianaCMS, media monitoring service LianaMediaWatch and press release distribution service LianaPress.  

About Liana Technologies

Liana Technologies is a Finnish supplier of software for digital marketing, PR and e-Commerce. Founded in 2004 the company has experienced a rapid growth and already become one of the leading suppliers in Europe in its field of expertise. With 10 years of experience in digital communications and software development, Liana Technologies has 128 employees in five countries and around 2000 customers in over 30 countries around the World. The clientele includes Bosch, Budget, Hertz, Land Rover, Ikea, and Radisson Blue.

For more information about LianaTechnologies, please visit

For further press information, please contact:

Yang Li, Country Manager

Liana Technologies Asia Limited

Phone: +852 3978 2616

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