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Dubai Bloggers You Should Follow in 2017

Published: 27-Jun-2017 12:01 pm
Publisher: HomesScope

It's been more than a decade since the women entrepreneurship phenomenon first kicked off in the Middle East region, and after the very long tough row to hoe, the businesswomen community is now an accepted part of the local business establishment. Dubai is now booming with women entrepreneurs and mompreneurs who are conquering the city with their words and passion. From mothers to fashionistas, to digital influencers that launching businesses and now leading their own empires, meet these ladies and check out their websites to instantly get that inspiring message making you feel like ‘nothing is impossible!’ Below is a list of ten must follow websites, run by these powerful women of Dubai, each bringing their own unique flavor to their category of expertise.



Founded by Kashish Sajnani, is the UAE’s No1 platform dedicated to professionals and companies within the design world. This design virtuous and successful lady entrepreneur is a dedicated wife and a mother of two above all, but also a strong leader of her winning team when it comes to her professional life. The design has always been an immense part of her dreams and aspirations, and now the dreams slowly coming to life. is an exclusive website serving as a one-stop platform helping you to find professionals and product for all your interior needs. The directory covers every sector of designing field and with more than 3000 unique visitors per day, the site is also highly beneficial for all the registered design companies promoting their products and services. A great portal packed full of design inspiration and beautiful indoor and outdoor photography also offers to the readers an in-house widespread blog, as well as the favourite and the most visited sections “Caught my Eye” and “Creative House of the Month” that take you on a tour of many luxurious and tastefully designed homes with a sneak peak on the homeowners and their creative journey. 

Kashish Sajnani,

2.     TRAVEL

Nadya Hasan, founder of The Fierce Diaries, a style and travel blogger, but most importantly, shoe lover with her own line of stunning Nadya Hasan Shoes. The blog is recognized as the most influential blog in the UAE, as the influencer and stylist has won many awards. Nadya continuously travels the world, sharing her personal experiences and capturing the colorful moments around her. Sharing inspiration and travel tips, Nadya documents places from all over the world, with destinations from the States to Maldives. Not only is Nadya a style icon and a strong digital influencer, but she also gives the world insights of how ambitious and dedicated to career an Emirati woman can be! This is the reason why we choose to feature this worldwide traveler as a great example and role model. Follow her! Between the lines and fantastic photos from across the globe, this blog offers an inspiration for all the girls out there to stay positive, work hard and finally make it happen.


Dragana Radosavljevic, or @dubaiblogger as she is popularly known on Instagram is Dubai’s famed lady entrepreneur into public relations. Her expertise, yet charismatic personality alongside exceptional networking skills enable her to successfully promote many high-end brands in both, lifestyle and business level. Being a professional journalist into politics, a media business owner and a caring human soul above all, she has a keen eye for truth and the ability to let that truth shine through, reaching thousands of her social media and blog followers. With interesting posts and a crazy number of pictures, this blog features the journey of a cute Serbian family, that happens to be rolling in the luxury of Dubai. Posts cover family stuff, healthy living, their authentic marriage ups and downs, lessons learned, travel diaries, and much more. There is also a section dedicated to Dragana’s two kids Jana and Konstantin, as they dabble in children’s modeling, obviously following in Mama’s footsteps. As locally oriented Dubai lifestyle blog, also serves as an outlet for sharing in-depth reviews and the latest on Dubai’s Business World, Luxury Experiences, Beauty & Fashion, Real Estate and so on.

Dragana Radosavljevic, Dubai Blogger


 4.     FOOD

Karen Mclean, the winner of Stylist Arabia Food Social Media Awards 2016, is the queen of Food Flat Lays. Her Instagram feed will have you drooling, and her bubbly upbeat nature will fill you with happiness. Karen is a firm believer that healthy food does not need to be boring, and creates the most spectacular and inspirational healthy meals for improving your lifestyle. The Aussie foodie loves to experiment and explore healthy alternatives and substitutes, calling her kitchen a “playground”. The Secret Squirrel Food blog is an online portal where she shares her recipes from sweet or savory to drinks, snacks and hearty meals. So, if you’re feeling peckish and would like to cook up a storm, head on over to her website.


5.     BEAUTY

Another lady’s dream that has recently landed on Dubai soil is called Eva Maria Cosmetics. The dreamer, slash, company founder and CEO, Velina Orsolic is already internationally recognized name within the beauty industry, but the star of this business is actually her beautiful daughter and her greatest source of inspiration, Eva Maria, whose name this family of brands carries. This Croatian born and raised ambitious lady encourages people from all over the World to unlock the secrets of pure Mediterranean beauty, as her country is famous for Worldwide. As the website promotes the nature’s finest beauty products, Velina is also striving to introduce and emphases on the word “organic” which has been over misused and misunderstood recently. Having started with just a piece of a dream, this website is now reputable health and beauty platform that sets standards in the industry, all thanks to their primarily set goal - Quality without compromise.


6.     FITNESS

Our city is known for super popular and ever expanding Dubai Fit Family. Dubaians make a joke that even the fitness trainers here have their own fitness trainers. It’s a piece of cake to place yourself as a fitness consultant in Dubai but to really become one of the top professionals and establish the practice, off social media, well, that’s another story. The one who made it for real is our next entrepreneur lady, Maria Savic, a.k.a. “Miss Fitness”. She is a digital influencer, celebrity personal trainer, and athlete, amongst many other things. Founder of Miss Fitness, Maria offers an extensive range of services as listed on her website, from Weight Loss & Toning to Swimming lessons, Dietary guidelines, and Pre & Post Natal help. The website also allows you to calculate your Body Mass Index and offers advice for whatever your body type requires. Maria’s professionalism and fitness expertise combined with her massive reach on Instagram has made her the No. 1 choice in Dubai, as many renowned local celebrities and VIPs loyally trusted her to help them achieve the best look as well as the healthy living standards.

Maria Savis,



Created by Shereen Mitwali, The Female Network is a unique platform with the main aim being, to connect, inspire and educate women of the Middle East region. The website fosters a vibrant successful female society, including exclusive reviews and covering current topics, as well as invites to popular events. From fitness and fashion to finance and business, TFN provides quality content on a consistent basis and is the first portal if you want to be in the know. The community currently reaches more than 200,000 people per week and encourages entrepreneurship as well as assisting corporate brands in reaching the women of the region. Its founder and CEO, the beautiful Shereen is a bright example to look up to, inspiring new generations to opt for education, hard work and professionalism rather than the superficial and only visual splendors, omnipresent nowadays.

Shereen Mitwalli, The Female Network


8.     FASHION

Milli Midwood is a British fashion blogger and journalist, graduated with honors in Fine Art. After a handful of internships at national and international titles, including OK! Magazine, Aquarius, and Friday magazine, Milli entered the business world on the fashion and beauty desk and one of the industry’s most reputable publications, Grazia Magazine. Seen in the front rows of major Fashion events in Dubai, interviewed celebrities and industry insiders, Milli has been creating exceptional fashion and beauty content for her personal blog, as well as for the many popular publications across the GCC. Her passion and blog have led her to work with some of the fashion industry’s biggest companies, designers, and photographers. Since, Milli has also worked as a Contributing Editor at Style Vault Dubai, subsequently acquiring the role of Fashion Editor at The Luxury Closet, where she has been working since 2015. Follow this Dubai girl for daily style and beauty inspiration!



Zeyna Sanjania is a British Indian expat relocated to Dubai a couple of years ago with her husband. Now a mother to a sea life obsessed boy, she is discovering motherhood in Dubai, one aquarium at a time. The blog shares her personal journey of parenting, milestones of her growing son, as well as the best and most recently opened family friendly places in Dubai. Her easy to read humor will have you nodding along reading the honest side of parenting, as she helps fellow mothers with her own experience and tried and tested recommendations. Though the field of mom blogging is getting crowded these days, Zeyna’s family blog definitely steps out of the crowd. As per many likes and positive comments made on her posts, Dubai parents really enjoy Zeyna’s purposeful writing and innovative detailed guidance she provides. They are eagerly looking forward to what will appear next on this charming mummy’s mind, as well as to another thrilling adventure of her son, little mister Z.



A little girl with a dream has the full potential to become a woman with an inspiring vision. This is exactly how Farhana Bodi started her journey, born and raised in South Africa to Muslim Indian parents. Encouraged by her successful early work experiences in London’s media and beauty industry, she decided to move to Dubai to pursue her dreams. Farhana believes that it is all about the experience and the exposure she gained throughout her lifetime. This experience is what built her broad networks and empowered her to become an entrepreneur with a big dream and a wide vision. Her blog and Instagram account share her hottest looks, as well as travel experiences around the world, working with the most luxurious brands and shedding light on women empowerment through the “Woman of The World” feature. We admire her words of support and motivation addressed to all of us:

“I believe that one woman can empower another and I would like to showcase talented women who have persona, talent, and charisma to become a global success.” 

Farhana, Zeyna & Dragana at Farzi Cafe Celebrating Mother's Day 2017


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