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"Eat, Pray, Art" - Guided Walk Immerse in SOHO Life 美食與藝術SOHO半日深度體驗

Media release. Published: 27.06.2017 08:30 - Accidental Art

  Accidental Art is a young and energetic Hong Kong based art promoting and consulting platform, dedicated to bringing art into everyone's daily life. We lead art walks in Hong Kong, organise art salons and curate art exhibitions in unconventional fun ways. Hong Kong is the third largest art market in the world and at the same time a paradise for food, drinks and parties. However people in Hong...

Free Ice Cream for Summer Solstice!

Media release. Published: 19.06.2017 14:00 - Emack & Bolio’s HK Limited

為慶祝今個夏日來臨,Emack & Bolio's 將免費送您單球雪糕! 於2017年6月21日(星期三)5:00pm - 7:00pm,親臨任何一間Emack & Bolio's 分店,只需出示於Facebook 或 Instagram上已"Follow" 或 "Like" Emack & Bolio's 香港專頁,便可獲贈自選口味單球杯裝或甜筒雪糕壹客! (每人只限換領壹次,先到先得換完即止。)Emack & Bolio's HK Limited 將保留最終決定權。 Free Ice Cream for Summer Solstice... celebrate the start of summer with a free scoop of your favourite Emack & Bolio’s ice cream!!! Just visit any of our...

Jasper Morrison與北歐百年家俱廠Fredericia合作設計全新Kile疏化及Pon小桌系列

Media release. Published: 26.05.2017 16:43 - Manks

英國著名設計大師Jasper Morrison設計的傢俬及家品,深受設計界及用家歡迎. 即使在北歐四國,即丹麥,娜威,芬蘭及瑞典,設計師多不勝數.Jasper Morrison設計的產品包括傢俬,燈飾及精品,在北歐也有一定影響力, 極受愛戴.  去年,Jasper Morrison首次與北歐百年經典傢俬品牌Fredericia聯乘合作, 亦都是Jasper Morrison首次與丹麥傢俬公司合作. 第一件設計的產品是富時代感的Kile疏化. Kile疏化的設計非常简約,新穎,沒有多餘的線條,尺寸及角度十分講究.秉承北歐简約設計風格.Kile布藝疏化適合在家居,辦公室及商業地方使用,例酒店及會所等,大方及時尚. Kile布藝疏化有兩座位及三座位選擇. 可配超過一百種布料及顏色. 木腳用上北歐盛產的橡木, 框架是實木製造.Kile疏化配合也是由Jasper...

Emack & Bolio's 荃新天地新店5月13日開幕, 免費派發雪糕500球!

Media release. Published: 03.05.2017 09:05 - Emack & Bolio’s HK Limited

為慶祝新店開幕,Emack & Bolio's 荃新天地店將於5月13日2時起,向途人免費派發雪糕(一球),限量500球送完即止,供杯裝或原味脆筒裝。 荃新天地1期UG19號鋪

Emack & Bolio's Citywalk Free Ice Cream Giveaway & Grand Opening 13 May 2017

Media release. Published: 03.05.2017 09:00 - Emack & Bolio’s HK Limited

To celebrate the grand opening of our new store at Citywalk, Tsuen Wan, we will be giving out free ice cream on 13 May 2017 from 2pm! Shop UG19, Citywalk, 1 Yeung Uk Road, Tsuen Wan/ 荃新天地1期UG19號鋪 Limited to one scoop per person in a cup or standard sugar cone, and the first 500 customers.


Media release. Published: 21.04.2017 09:05 - Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant

For immediate release BROTZEIT® UNVEILS ITS NEW LOOK AT TSIM SHA TSUI CENTRE A unique New German dining experience introduced by the world’s only German franchised concept Hong Kong, 20th April, 2017 – The celebrated Brotzeit® German Bier Bar & Restaurant re-known for its truly authentic German cuisine and premium beers just re-opened its door at Tsim Sha Tsui Centre in Hong Kong to create a...

Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe 朗豪坊新店隆重開幕

Media release. Published: 07.04.2017 12:29 - Mr Simms HK Limited

我們誠意邀請你同你的味蕾一同來到 Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe 朗豪坊新店參加這個獨一無二、英式懷舊之旅。  嘗試傳統古時代的各款手造糖果; 七、八十年代最有代表性的小甜點;另外,在 Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe 這間香港唯一專售英式傳統糖果的糖果店裡,你亦可以找到過百款由英國入口的特式糖果! 日期:二零一七年四月十五日 時間:早上十一時二十八分 敬請回覆到:Amelia Fong ( 或者致電:+852 6837 7940) 不需回郵信封。

Grand Opening of Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe, Langham Place, Mongkok

Media release. Published: 07.04.2017 12:13 - Mr Simms HK Limited

Your tastebuds are cordially invited to an uniquely British nostalgic adventure at the Grand Opening of Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe at Langham Place!Try traditional hand crafted boiled sweets from a bygone era; iconic treats from the 70s and 80s; and hundreds of other favourites imported from the UK, all fully stocked at Hong Kong’s only specialist British sweet shop.The date: 15 April 2017The...


Media release. Published: 29.03.2017 18:35 - Manks

  Manks作為著名北歐傢俬,燈飾及家品進口商,自1996年成立以來,因應巿場變化及潮流改變,每年會遠赴北歐當地,參觀傢俬展覽,務求為各北歐傢俬及燈飾粉絲搜羅當地最新,最潮的產品,第一時間引入本港,以供客户選購。  Fredericia 是丹麥中部的一個小鎮。在此鎮有一家超過一百年曆史的高級傢俬生產商叫 Fredericia ,在丹麥享負盛名。 Fredericia 在丹麥人心目中是最高級的梳化製造商。家有 Mogensen Sofa 是身份的象徵。因所有產品全部百分百丹麥製造,用料講究, 手工精巧,是信心的保證。早於50年代,Fredericia與丹麥顶級設計師Borge Mogensen合作, 推出了一件又一件的經典。例如1958年設計的西班牙休閒椅 Spanish Chair,1955年設計的No.1梳化系列及2207真皮梳化系列,到今日仍然在生產及深受客户歡迎。 ...

Innovative fundraising by local ice cream company

Media release. Published: 23.03.2017 10:59 - Happy Cow

Happy Cow is a Hong Kong based manufacturer of dairy-free ice cream established in 2013.  Our mission is to produce the finest quality plant based ice cream in Asia with a commitment to creating a healthier alternative for people and the planet.  The name of our company was chosen to honor the feral cows of Hong Kong, as our vision is a world where animal welfare matters.   Happy Cow ice cream...

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