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透過舞蹈 給那沉靜的發聲

Media release. Published: 14.10.2016 14:49 - Academy of Jazz

透過舞蹈 給那沉靜的發聲   香港Academy of Jazz創辦人及總監Sonia Nazzer,在過去16年裏,為世界各地的學生帶出舞蹈的美麗。 21歲那年,Sonia手上只有一個行李箱,以及一顆熱切渴望改變弱勢兒童的生活的心,她離開了新西蘭的家園並前往哥倫比亞波哥大開展義務工作,看看舞蹈如何能夠超越語言去治愈及轉變社會經濟障礙、帶來真實的表達和喜悅。續後,香港Academy of Jazz在這理念下誕生,並在香港屹立到九個年頭。今年,Academy of Jazz很高興能與The Vine Community Services Ltd合作,為世界各地因受戰爭、飢荒、政治和宗教暴力等原故來到在香港尋求庇護的難民兒童提供舞蹈課程。   ...

Giving the silenced a voice through the medium of dance

Media release. Published: 14.10.2016 14:30 - Academy of Jazz

Sonia Nazzer Founder and Director of Academy of Jazz in Hong Kong has spent the past 16 years bringing the beauty of dance to students throughout the world. At 21 years old with nothing but a suitcase and a passionate desire to transform lives of children who were the most vulnerable, Sonia left her homeland of New Zealand and set off to live and volunteer in Bogota Colombia. Academy of Jazz...

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