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最新研究:高血糖症及低血糖症增患併發症及死亡風險,兒童、年長、繁忙人士易忽略 -- 本港醫療產品公司BioScan伯盛科技引入最新智能血糖監測儀及手機應用程式有助準確記錄及監測

Media release. Published: 31.07.2017 17:08 - BioScan

     糖尿病是最常見的慢性疾病之一,患者若未能有效控制血糖水平,有機會導致高血糖昏迷症,而且高血糖患者的死亡率高數倍。相反,另一糖尿病急性併發症則為低血糖症,患者如未能及時處理,有機會導致昏迷。而且,一旦出現低血糖的情況,患者可能因突然昏迷或嚴重抽搐而增加交通意外或墮地引至骨折等風險。因此,有效把血糖維持於理想水平非常重要,而對於同時患有多種疾病的長者、年幼兒童及工作繁重的患者來說,可能較難準確地監測血糖水平,難以察覺血糖變化趨勢,忽略當中風險。   ...

Stop the waste pollution in Hong Kong | Go Green, recycle your Blues

Media release. Published: 28.03.2017 08:55 -

    Hong Kong generates more than 10,000 tonnes of rubbish each day - the equivalent of six Olympic swimming pools, soon all the Hong Kong landfill sites will be full, so alternative solutions must be found.   It may come as a surprise to some, but Hong Kong ranks amongst the biggest waste producers in the world. With an annual average of 530 kg per resident, (much) more than Tokyo, Taipei,...

Finland Pavilion to debut at Eco Expo Asia 26-29 Oct 2016

Media release. Published: 24.10.2016 20:15 - Consulate General of Finland

The Consulate General of Finland in Hong Kong and Cleantech Finland have the pleasure of welcoming you to meet the leading experts at Finland pavilion in Hong Kong Eco Expo 26-29 Oct in the section 3-H12. Organised by the HKTDC and Messe Frankfurt (HK) Ltd., Eco Expo Asia takes place at the AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE). The fair is an international trading platform showcasing the latest innovations in...

優利多真誠貢獻100%纯天然營養珍品 奧健諾-山竹女王全純山竹汁防御癌症的好幫手

Media release. Published: 31.05.2016 16:30 - Ulido

新聞稿  優利多真誠貢獻100%纯天然營養珍品  奧健諾-山竹女王全純山竹汁防御癌症的好幫手 山竹是甚麼?  原產於泰國等東南亞熱帶國家,深紫色的果殻內藏有獨特的多汁柔軟酸甜白色果肉。 皇家級的口感和豐富營養價值,被封為“果中之后”及“水果女王”  山竹的益處  一般人知道維他命C同E等抗氧化作用,但是極少人知道的是山竹含有超強抗氧化功能成份,可以有效地協助調整體質及生理機能。山竹的紫紅色厚硬果殻中,除有豐富的花青素等營養,近年科學更發現獨特的營養素 “Xanthones”,俗 稱...

100% All Natural Healthy Benefit O-Greenic – Xanative Mangosteen Juice A Cancer Fighting Drink by Ulido

Media release. Published: 31.05.2016 16:00 - Ulido

100% All Natural Healthy Benefit O-Greenic – Xanative Mangosteen Juice A Cancer Fighting Drink by Ulido   What is Mangosteen? Mangosteen is originated in Thailand and several Southeast Asian countries. It features a dark purple rind and an inner white edible flesh that is sweet, juicy and refreshing. With great unique tasting flavor and the wholesome goodness of vitamins and other nutrients...

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