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Vhils Studio Asia - Open Day

Invite. Published: 17.03.2017 09:18 - Vhils Studio

Vhils Studio presents: Open day Thursday, 23rd March 2017 10 am – 2 pm Welcoming all art lovers, professionals and the public at large, we open the doors of the Hong Kong studio of Portuguese visual artist Alexandre Farto aka Vhils. Presenting some of his current work and projects, this is a unique opportunity to take a look behind the scenes and experience first-hand the creative...

Sleeptrainer Sam gives children and parents 45 minutes more sleep

Media release. Published: 15.03.2017 19:55 - ZAZU-kids

For immediately release: Friday, March 17, 2017 is the 10th annual World Sleep Day, an internationally recognized awareness event about the importance of sleep.     International research shows: Sleeptrainer Sam gives children and parents 45 minutes more sleep.   Imagine being woken at 6 am by your over energetic toddler who wants to start the day, while there is no need to get up for...

How to build healthier society with health technology

Media release. Published: 07.03.2017 10:40 - Consulate General of Finland

Advances societies need to reboot their health care with innovative solutions. Both Finland and Hong Kong face similar challenges regarding health care and wellbeing: citizens are ageing rapidly and wellbeing trends are emphasizing preventive care. Together, we can learn from each other and find common solutions.   When pushing 100 you need to think of your health! The next lecture in the...

“Birthday country” Finland opens views on how to develop society through innovations

Media release. Published: 13.02.2017 14:53 - Consulate General of Finland

“Birthday country” Finland opens views on how to develop society through innovations   Modern societies need to reinvent themselves to tackle the challenges of the future. This applies to Finland as well as to Hong Kong. A lecture series highlights the strengths of the 100-year-Finland with a view to develop innovative cooperation with Hong Kong.   A hundred years ago Finland was a poor...

eicó paints to support HKWalls 2017 street art festival

Media release. Published: 23.01.2017 14:00 - eico

Hong Kong, 23 January 2017 …. For the third year running eicó paints is proud to be supporting Hong Kong’s annual street art and graffiti festival, HKWalls. This March, HKWalls is taking place in Wong Chuk Hang - right on eicó’s doorstep. The festival will showcase the very best of Hong Kong’s vibrant street art scene.   eicó paint is perfect for street art: it’s non-toxic, very durable and...


Media release. Published: 13.12.2016 08:15 - Power Link

手機媒體互動廣告技術發佈會++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 戶外廣告媒體利用全新的手機互動技術提供實時實地的多層次客戶體驗 CP互動 + 華三通(H3C)+ SiS 新龍國際 (HK Stock code 529) 聯合舉辦創新的智能手機與電子屏幕互動技術發佈會成功於本月八日於觀塘 The WAVE 創業者服務中心舉辦,當日全港業界超過60多名各大系統服務公司及户外媒體公司派出代表出席。華三通集團及新龍國際展示了最新的企業级WiFi系統方案。CP互動則介紹了全新的手機用戶通過WiFi網絡與電子屏幕互聯互動的專利技術。 全天候移動互聯網生活改變了普羅大眾的日常消費習慣,現今消費者期待着更多元化的移動客戶端實時實地的接觸及互動體驗。CPIS (CP 互動方案) 聯合 H3C 華三通集團,一間全球領先的WiFi 及通訊設備生產廠家,及其香港地區分銷伙伴...

創新技術利用WiFi 平台提供實時實地O2O互動方案

Media release. Published: 08.12.2016 08:00 - Power Link

手機用戶通過WiFi網絡與電子屏幕互聯互動的全新體驗 CP互動 + 華三通+ SiS 新龍國際聯合舉辦創新的智能手機與電子屏幕互動技術方案介紹研討會 全天候移動互聯網生活改變了普羅大眾的日常消費習慣,現今消費者期待着更多元化的移動客戶端實時實地的接觸及互動體驗 CPIS (CP 互動方案) 聯合 H3C 華三通,一間全球領先的WiFi 及通訊設備生產廠家,及其香港地區分銷伙伴 SiS 新龍國際提供了一個協助零售商戶及廣告媒體一直以來尋求與手機用戶實時實地保持聯系及互動的方案,通過提供有趣味性的互動內容與消費群眾保持接觸,提供最新資訊及產品訊息實時優惠等。CPIS 為環霸數碼集團屬下一所聯營公司,專門為零售客戶及廣告媒體提供與移動受眾點對點的實時互動方案,通過提供CyPhy 拉動應用專利技術及一系列創新有趣味性的互動方案令消費群眾獲得貼身獨特的O2O體驗。 活動詳情:日期:...

Mobile Engagements, for FUN and Life Style

Media release. Published: 07.12.2016 08:00 - Power Link

Mobile Engagements on WiFi and Screen Platforms,  Launching of innovative mobile and screen interactive Solutions                                   Cpis + H3C + SiS With 24/7 online connectivity, consumer behaviour and expectations have changed. They now expect fast and reliable locational connectivity and everything be immediately available and interactive on the mobile. CP Interactive...

Finland's centenary of independence kicks off in Hong Kong at Musicus Fest 2016

Media release. Published: 29.11.2016 11:03 - Consulate General of Finland

  Finnish Classical Music Stars Joined International and Local Talents To Light Up Musicus Fest 2016 Led by Artistic Director Trey Lee Musicus Fest 2016 continues to expand Hong Kong’s musical landscape while exploring the city’s unique heritage and nurturing its emerging talents. Festival featured five programs with six concerts that celebrate music’s rich cultural traditions from across the...


Media release. Published: 29.11.2016 08:00 - Power Link

第四屆獅子會粵港盃足球決賽--十一月二十六日傍晚地點--西貢鄧堅運動場 中港澳303區足球隊主場迎戰廣東381區代表隊當晚在橫風横雨十度低温的情況之下順利完成,感謝各區職球員,獅友的支持參與,賽事非常緊張精彩,港區雖然未能奪冠而回,惟各隊員奮力作戰,全力以赴,可惜個別隊員在雨中作賽顯然未能發揮出賽前步處,上半場雙方都悉數派出四十八歲以上的獅友落場,部份球員明顯不習慣水戰,雙方大部份時間在中場混戰,廣東隊隊長10號蘇志偉把握港隊後防一次錯誤在禁區內十八碼左右快腳射入,1:0 領先上半場。下半場雨勢漸漸減退,雙方主力盡出戰況開始激烈,埋身接觸及犯規情況亦多次出現,廣東隊中場71號黄向東趁港隊球員未集中精神情況下於下半場初段在三十多碼外試皮球在禁區落地後再借地上水花加速飛入網內,港隊門將未能及時反應過來讓皮球在手邊入網,廣東隊領先2:0。...

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