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Iso Fit

Runity - Let's Run Again! First Course in Hong Kong.

Media release.
Published: 05-Jul-2017 11:37 am
Publisher: Iso Fit

Hong Kong – let’s run again! Such a basic and beneficial activity, and yet every year more and more people are injured out of running. Are you one of them? Everyone should be able to run and this course makes that possible by teaching painless running. By applying the principles of movement efficiency, one can significantly reduce harmful forces that reduce one’s ability to enjoy running. This new scientific view of the most ancient movement form known to man is the foundation Runity is built on.

Join us on the 17-19 Nov 2017 for the first Runity Painless Running Course in Hong Kong!

The Runity methodology defines the scientific properties of running from a biomechanical, neuromuscular, motor learning, psychosocial and bioenergetics approach. Runity provides technological and human interventions that improves safety, stickiness and enhanced benefits of the running practice.

The founders and teachers of Runity have embraced the ambitious goal of changing the way the world runs. Runity will allow all levels of runners to prepare their bodies and minds to enjoy running safely and efficiently for life.

The Runity PRC Course (broken up into 41 modules) consists of one 3-day weekend-module, 6 hours of online theory contents and an online tutoring process with your Master Trainer (30 hours). In the online tutoring, you’ll be able to practice what you learned during the face to face module and start using the tools of the Runity platform to manage your runners and create amazing changes in their running form. Our goal is you to understand running as the ultimate movement the human being is designed for, Runity will give you innovative tools to design your training and re-adaptation programs for your clients and future runners.

Runners and Running Coaches alike will benefit greaty from Runity! Founder and CEO Juan Nieto will be availble for interviews on Thursday the 16th of November. 


About Iso Fit

Established in 1998, Iso Fit ( offers Pilates and Gyrotonic® exercise in a light, safe and comfortable environment; this is a one-of-a-kind studio that has been meticulously designed to accommodate the needs of each client.

Iso Fit is unique in Asia as is one of only a handful Master Trainer Centres worldwide. Quality instruction is the most important element of client satisfaction and continued progress and Iso Fit’s instructors are some of the most experienced trainers in Hong Kong. In fact Iso Fit trains instructors to be become qualified in Pilates and Gyrotonic® and offer regular training courses throughout the year. Whether you are a beginner or would like to train others in Pilates or Gyrotonic®, Iso Fit’s friendly environment of positive energy welcomes everyone whatever the level.

Iso Fit also has a retail space that sells a range of fitness and rehab products - inlcuding ToeSox and Tavi Noir. 

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