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在歐盟開展業務? - 新通用數據保護條例(GDPR)同樣適用於您

Media release. Published: 27.06.2017 08:30 - Liana Technologies

歐盟最新頒布的通用數據保護條例(GDPR)增加了公司處理個人數據的責任。該條例將於2018年5月正式生效,對於歐盟以外有針對歐盟公民的營銷活動的公司,此條例亦同樣適用。 歐盟新通用數據保護條例(GDPR)更新了存儲與處理個人數據、市場營銷與通訊方面的相關法例。新條例還使數據主體有權要求正被處理與持有的個人數據。公司應能夠以常用的格式與易於理解的形式提供免費電子數據。 新條例不僅適用於歐盟內的公司,也同樣適用於向歐盟公民提供商品或服務,及對歐盟公民有所監測的行為的位於歐盟以外的企業。該條例還適用於技術合作夥伴與軟件供應商,他們亦應相應地調整GDPR要求,並存儲所有歐盟範圍內的個人數據,不論其業務運作是在歐盟境內或境外。 GDPR將於2018年5月25日正式生效。 現在,人們首次可以輕鬆地要求免費的個人資料,預計他們會更頻繁地使用這個權利。數字營銷與通訊軟件行業的領先公司Liana...

"Eat, Pray, Art" - Guided Walk Immerse in SOHO Life 美食與藝術SOHO半日深度體驗

Media release. Published: 27.06.2017 08:30 - Accidental Art

  Accidental Art is a young and energetic Hong Kong based art promoting and consulting platform, dedicated to bringing art into everyone's daily life. We lead art walks in Hong Kong, organise art salons and curate art exhibitions in unconventional fun ways. Hong Kong is the third largest art market in the world and at the same time a paradise for food, drinks and parties. However people in Hong...

Free Ice Cream for Summer Solstice!

Media release. Published: 19.06.2017 14:00 - Emack & Bolio’s HK Limited

為慶祝今個夏日來臨,Emack & Bolio's 將免費送您單球雪糕! 於2017年6月21日(星期三)5:00pm - 7:00pm,親臨任何一間Emack & Bolio's 分店,只需出示於Facebook 或 Instagram上已"Follow" 或 "Like" Emack & Bolio's 香港專頁,便可獲贈自選口味單球杯裝或甜筒雪糕壹客! (每人只限換領壹次,先到先得換完即止。)Emack & Bolio's HK Limited 將保留最終決定權。 Free Ice Cream for Summer Solstice... celebrate the start of summer with a free scoop of your favourite Emack & Bolio’s ice cream!!! Just visit any of our...

"Party of the century" – Finns zoomed their summer feeling into Hong Kong to boost tourism and introduce their history through popular music

Media release. Published: 12.06.2017 09:25 - Consulate General of Finland

Finland turns 100 this year and a panoply of events, parties and festivals are organized - mainly in Finland but also all around the world. General Consulate arranged a "We Love Finland – Finland 100 Summer Party" at Scandinavian restaurant FINDS in Tsim Sha Tsui on June 9. Around 140 guests joined to enjoy Finnish treats, beverages and music. Photo 1: Guests of We Love Finland – Finland 100...

Finland strengthens its country branding with six new summer emojis

Media release. Published: 09.06.2017 16:34 - Consulate General of Finland

Today Finland adds six new emojis to its astoundingly successful collection of Finland emojis. June 9 is Autonomy Day in Åland, a picturesque Swedish-speaking archipelago, population 29,000, located between Sweden and Finland. Åland is part of Finland but has a special autonomy agreement that attracts international attention as an example of how to successfully and peacefully secure the position...

2017 Sai Kung Property Market Analysis & Kung Villa - The Giverney

Media release. Published: 08.06.2017 15:34 - Sunshine Property Consultant Ltd

2017 Sai Kung Property Market Analysis Sai Kung and Clear Water Bay property market conditions, from the beginning of this year to May has increased the performance of the transaction. By an average of more than 10 million transactions in January about 10 to May has reached 26 cases. There are traditional luxury villas and full house houses. In the past year, there were only 10 transactions per...


Media release. Published: 06.06.2017 15:30 - Sunshine Property Consultant Ltd

西貢2017年市況: 西貢與清水灣區豪宅物業市況,由今年年頭到五月份已經有增加成交的好表現。由1月平均1000萬以上交易約10宗到5月份已經達到26宗。當中有傳統豪宅別墅及全幢村屋。上年由於受政府政策影響全年平均每月只有10宗成交。但由於區內樓價尚算平實,固一般由區外買樓業主主動轉入區內。現時區內呎價由$8000/呎至 $40000/呎等。分別為用戶提供全幢連花園天台,戶外空間及車位。 西貢溱喬花園洋房: 西貢溱喬為花園洋房,設計尊貴寬敞,遠望西貢全海景,每戶均設有私家花園、獨立車房、露台及平台花園。並設有豪華住客會所,包括無邊際泳池、按摩浴池、健身房、跳舞室和溫泉,為住客提供休閒空間。現有一特別戶出售,資料如下: 西貢獨立屋                                                  4028呎(建築) 2900呎實用連1498呎花園 ...

Brand Off 爲你呈獻全年最盛大的6月大減價!

Media release. Published: 01.06.2017 16:53 - Brand Off Tokyo

Brand Off 爲你呈獻全年最盛大的6月大減價!   Brand Off誠意為各位顧客呈獻於6月舉行的最大規模的大減價「VIP Sale」。期間將有大量精彩優惠,如較平日更多購物積分、12或24個月免息分期付款、購物滿特定金額可獲贈精美禮品及首飾8折等。   日期:06/02-06/05 實施店鋪: Olympian, Sheung Shui, City Plaza, Tsim Sha Tsui, Yuen Long 日期:06/16-06/19 實施店鋪:Central, East Point City, Star House, Vcity, World Trade Centre   凡於上述期間持會員卡到我們的店鋪,將可獲升級為白金會員。我們將帶給你精彩優惠,例如平日購買非品牌首飾可享8折,及賺取購物積分等。   今後,Brand...

Brand Off 为你呈献全年最盛大的6月大减价!

Media release. Published: 01.06.2017 16:36 - Brand Off Tokyo

Brand Off诚意为各位顾客呈献于6月举行的最大规模的大减价「VIP Sale」。期间将有大量精彩优惠,如较平日更多购物积分、12或24个月免息分期付款、购物满特定金额可获赠精美礼品及首饰8折等。   日期:06/02-06/05 实施店铺:Olympian, Sheung Shui, City Plaza, Tsim Sha Tsui, Yuen Long 日期:06/16-06/19 实施店铺:Central, East Point City, Star House, Vcity, World Trade Centre   凡于上述期间持会员卡到我们的店铺,将可获升级为白金会员。我们将带给你精彩优惠,例如平日购买非品牌首饰可享8折,及赚取购物积分等。   今后,Brand...

Brand Off brings to you June mega sale, the largest in the year!

Article. Published: 01.06.2017 16:18 - Brand Off Tokyo

【Media Release】  1st JUNE, 2017     Brand Off brings to you June mega sale, the largest in the year!   For our dearest customer, we Brand Off would like to launch the largest sale “VIP Sale” in June. There will be many wonderful offers, such as , earning more points than usual, 12 or 24 months interest-free installment purchase, fantastic gifts for customers purchasing up to specified...

Dubai Bloggers You Should Follow in 2017

Article. Published: 30.05.2017 11:31 - HomesScope

It's been more than a decade since the women entrepreneurship phenomenon first kicked off in the Middle East region, and after the very long tough row to hoe, the businesswomen community is now an accepted part of the local business establishment. Dubai is now booming with women entrepreneurs and mompreneurs who are conquering the city with their words and passion. From mothers to fashionistas,...


Media release. Published: 29.05.2017 17:18 - Brand Off Tokyo

全港擁有12間分店的二手名牌商店BRANDOFF,為感謝各貴賓一直的支持, 本公司將陸續舉行優惠活動,回饋貴賓。 由今天起至5月31日,將舉行999元搶購活動,所有商品,免費送貨。   LOUIS VUITTON和CHANEL的錢包,手袋,HERMES飾物,TIFFANY&CO戒指等等大量名牌商品低至3折。 當中商品除了二手商品外,還有全新未使用過的。 機會難逢,快把握今次的活動,選購喜愛的名牌商品吧!   此外,各分店亦會於6月起舉行VIP SALE。 由實店至官網,大量的優惠活動及過萬件商品的陳列。 盡情享受坐在家中亦可購物商品的樂趣吧!!     Brand Off EC site          

Jasper Morrison與北歐百年家俱廠Fredericia合作設計全新Kile疏化及Pon小桌系列

Media release. Published: 26.05.2017 16:43 - Manks

英國著名設計大師Jasper Morrison設計的傢俬及家品,深受設計界及用家歡迎. 即使在北歐四國,即丹麥,娜威,芬蘭及瑞典,設計師多不勝數.Jasper Morrison設計的產品包括傢俬,燈飾及精品,在北歐也有一定影響力, 極受愛戴.  去年,Jasper Morrison首次與北歐百年經典傢俬品牌Fredericia聯乘合作, 亦都是Jasper Morrison首次與丹麥傢俬公司合作. 第一件設計的產品是富時代感的Kile疏化. Kile疏化的設計非常简約,新穎,沒有多餘的線條,尺寸及角度十分講究.秉承北歐简約設計風格.Kile布藝疏化適合在家居,辦公室及商業地方使用,例酒店及會所等,大方及時尚. Kile布藝疏化有兩座位及三座位選擇. 可配超過一百種布料及顏色. 木腳用上北歐盛產的橡木, 框架是實木製造.Kile疏化配合也是由Jasper...

Liana Technologies榮獲CSA和FINCSC證書

Media release. Published: 15.05.2017 07:30 - Liana Technologies

業界領先的推廣與通訊軟件服務公司-Liana Technologies,被授予CSA和FINCSC數據安全證書。這些證書均表明獲證公司在電子郵件推廣中的可靠性和與機構內部高水平的網絡安全。 Liana Technologies的首席技術官Juha-Mikko Ahonen對從外界收到的榮譽感到非常滿意。 “我們的高水平的網絡安全現在由一個獨立的權威機構認證。同時CSA證書還對我們的電子郵件推廣符合法律規範及良好的商業慣例方面的遵守上做了有力認證。”Ahonen說。 CSA(認證發信人聯盟)是一個專門對使用批量郵件的公司與社團進行認證的德國體系。評估的重點是發信人IP地址的信譽及其可靠性。所有被認證的機構都被證明是值得信賴的安全的批量電子郵件發件人。 ...

First time in history: Finland, Sweden and Denmark present the Nordic delicacies together at HOFEX2017

Media release. Published: 09.05.2017 10:53 - Consulate General of Finland

As continuation to the active cooperation between the Nordic countries, an impressive Nordic Pavilion of 240m2 will present the fresh and delicious food and beverage offering from Finland, Sweden and Denmark to an audience of 40,000 regional buyers at HOFEX2017 in Hong Kong. The theme for the Nordic pavilion is Premium by Nature, or 自然瑰宝. In Finland, the world’s northernmost agriculture produces...


Media release. Published: 08.05.2017 17:30 - Brand Off Tokyo

母親節禮物盡在新開設的Yahoo!購物網!   於香港開立了12間分店的Recycling Brand 商店Brandoff 現已擴展至Yahoo!購物網。今後,除了在本公司的網店,亦可於Yahoo!購物網買到我們的貨品。所有產品皆可享有免費送貨服務。   為迎接母親節,我們的分店添加了不少新貨品。與之前的網店比較,現在增添了不少價錢相宜、深受年輕人歡迎的品牌,例如Michael Kors和Furla。不同的產品,如手袋和錢包等,用以母親節送禮或作爲給自己的禮物也十分適合。   網上的貨品,可於香港12間Brandoff分店中任何一間購買和取貨。我們可以將產品送至就近分店,供顧客確認後才購買。   Brandoff快將擴展至Yahoo! Auctions,我們今後將會擴大於Yahoo!的業務。   Brand Off Yahoo! Store ...

Enjoy Shopping Mother’s Day gift at newly opened Yahoo! Store!

Media release. Published: 08.05.2017 17:22 - Brand Off Tokyo

Enjoy Shopping Mother’s Day gift at newly opened Yahoo! Store!   On top of the existing 12 shops in Hong Kong, the recycling brand shop BRAND OFF has launched the Yahoo! store. From now on, you may buy goods not only in our online shop, but also at Yahoo! Store. And we offer free shipping for all items.   You can find many new products added at our stores that are perfect for Mother’s Day...

Brand OFF母亲节礼物尽在新开设的Yahoo!购物网!

Media release. Published: 08.05.2017 17:17 - Brand Off Tokyo

于香港开立了12间分店的Recycling Brand 商店Brandoff 现已扩展至Yahoo!购物网。今后,除了在本公司的网店,亦可于Yahoo!购物网买到我们的货品。所有产品皆可享有免费送货服务。 为迎接母亲节,我们的分店添加了不少新货品。与之前的网店比较,现在增添了不少价钱相宜、深受年轻人欢迎的品牌,例如Michael Kors和Furla。不同的产品,如手袋和钱包等,用以母亲节送礼或作为给自己的礼物也十分适合。 网上的货品,可于香港12间Brandoff分店中任何一间购买和取货。我们可以将产品送至就近分店,供顾客确认后才购买。 Brandoff快将扩展至Yahoo! Auctions,我们今后将会扩大于Yahoo!的业务。 Brand Off Yahoo! Store 有关 BRAND OFF: 1993年于日本创立, 作为业界中领导者,BRAND...

Finland 100 Expo: Showcasing Finnish Design, Education, Food and Innovations in Hong Kong

Media release. Published: 08.05.2017 10:24 - Consulate General of Finland

The Finland 100 Expo, celebrating Finland’s 100th anniversary of independence, will take place 10th of May in the SME Centre inside the HKCEC at 12-5 pm. An opportunity to get to know Finnish businesses and culture, the Expo welcomes over 30 exhibitors from Finland and is open to the public free of charge. In addition to the exhibitors from various fields of business, the Expo will showcase...

金孚汽車Early Summer Showoff 展銷日

Media release. Published: 05.05.2017 15:39 - Gainfull Motors Limited

於2017年5月5至7日假九龍灣國際展貿中心EMAX舉行, 一次過可以睇到數十部金孚汽車歐日韓熱賣車款,其中有歐洲最受歡迎熱賣車系及最後一批到港之柴油私家車, 全部以傾銷價發售! 以下為部份精選Showoff型號:豐田7人車35萬8起雙龍柴油7人私家車28萬8起(最後一批)歐洲4門轎車19萬起 查詢電話: 668 668 00 日期: 2017年5月5-7日時間:上午10點至晚上8點地點:EMAX 商場地下大堂網址:

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